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Christmas spirit in the air!!!

Today was a fine day, despite having horrible pains on my back because of intensive walk around downtown.
Less than a hour before lunch,brother decided to go downtown for some Christmas shopping,and despite being not so well i agreed to go,after all i would never let a 15 year old boy go alone to the mass of confusion that is Oporto during Christmas time.
We ran all the nice clothing stores we liked,he brought the presents and i got even more pains,but also the good feeling of Christmas running through my bones!!!

To end the day in beauty,we went to McDonald's to have something to eat,or drink.

Frappé Cappucino and a wild berries and white chocolate cookie that my sweet brother bought in secret so that i would eat. He was also sweet and in the middle of the shopping spree, bought me a small bag of chestnuts.:)

The whole place where Mc's is located is as nice as you can see, chandeliers all around,old style coffee house that they not even dare to take down.

And to end,this are the good old friends that helped my feet through the afternoon. Nice old black flats,i love you!!!

Take care,you all!


  1. Pretty pictures, looks like a fun day! I love the shoes!!!!

  2. Nossa esse Mc Donald's é lindo! Todos os Mcd's daqui são naquelas construções padrão deles. Tudo igual.

    Eu quase não como lá porque eles só começaram a servir café da manhã agora e eu não como carne. Só vou lá pra tomar sorvete. Hmmm tomei o McFlurry sexta-feira. Tão booooom!
    Mas os cafes da manhã que eles aqui são basicamente pão com alguma coisa. Nem é coisa doce. Super sem graça.

    A foto das pessoas na rua também é muito bonita! Parece um lugar mágico :)


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