Olá, eu sou a Joana - a cara por detrás do The Paper and Ink. Vinte e muitos anos, natural e residente da belíssima cidade do Porto, sou uma fotógrafa e blogger que em 2009 criou este espaço em busca de uma maneira de dar a conhecer ao mundo a minha voz, as minhas ideias e paixões. O TPI é um lifestyle blog, ou seja, é um pouco de tudo o que marca a minha vida, me apaixona e que acredito ser importante partilhar.

Good times never seemed so good

Going after the idea of the magnificent notebookdoodles blog, i decided to share my own doodles and things i do around my beloved notebook.
I have like a lot more around, a lot more that i could share but i prefer to start with small things.
The first is a list i did a while ago that i think it was fun,even knowing that my poor Darth Vader is so creepy.Lol.
The second one is a quote that came to my mind in the other day. :)

Hope you enjoy it!!!


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  1. So pretty! Your cupcake drawing is very similar to mine hehehe! I sually draw things to but as I don't have a moleskine yet I always end up losing my drawings.

    Your Darth Vader is a whole lot better than the one from the film! ok? hehehe


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