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What about some pretty lashes,ah?


One new quick post about....drums...fake eye lashes!
Oh yes,those fakies that can make you look either super adorable and sexy or terrible,if you apply them all wrong and what not,i guess you know.

I had never tried them before, and today i bought a pair from Essence for 2€.

They come with the tray,a pair of lashes a little bottle of glue that is surely enough for multiple uses as you just use one tiny amount of it every time you use and re-use your fakies.

I wasn't sure if they were any good but surprise,surprise when i find them to be super smooth and they are easy to apply and what not,it may take you some 10 minutes or so in your first try because you'll want to make sure everything is placed right and you will need to trim some of the lashes off in case they are too big for your lids.

If you need one amazing tutorial,and was the one i use, Miss Jessica Harlow on YouTube have this amazing one. The nearly 10 minutes long video is worth so you know how to apply,remove and clean your lashes so you can re-use them and won't in any case damage your skin or anything else,it's important that you follow the right steps.

So,this was it.A quick tip for all of you out there,who like me,always wondered about using fake eyelashes and want an opinion on those.
Go for it girls,i'm sure you won't regret it!


  1. a última foto ficou tão bonita, joana (: tenho de experimentar

  2. Obrigada,Cat!!! Experimenta que não te arrependes,juro!

  3. Gostei imenso do resultado que tiveste.
    e por acaso é algo em que já tinha andado a pensar, porque ficava sempre "humm pestanas falsas como será?"
    acabaste de alimentar a minha curiosidade em experimentar :-P
    e custaram 2 euros uau too good ;-)

  4. Aí está uma coisa que eu gostava de experimentar, mas eu nem sombra nos olhos sei por xD
    Ficaste mesmo gira ;)

  5. Nice pics!!!! the flower in you hair is beautiful!

  6. I have never used fake eyelashes, but maybe i will give them a try!
    btw, I love you blog, you have a new follower! x

  7. @Jojo
    Não é nada complicado,Jojo.A sombra é mais difícil,pelo menos para mim.Lol.Quando estivermos juntas eu ensino-te alguns tricks!
    Obrigada,coisa fofa!!!

    Thank you!! It's headband from H&M.^^

    You should totally try them!
    Thanks so much!! Awww!!

  8. Adorei o teu blog vou seguir no blogger, mas o meu novo blog é Continua o bom trabalho. beijinhos.


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