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By the sea!


Well, yesterday was a really nice day overall, I spent the afternoon with my good friend Läetitia and we went around to take some photos over this abandoned place in ruins and than up next to the beach, where they have this most adorable little houses that can surely remind you of the old days of glamour and even some cute Sweeney Todd scenes.

(sorry if some of the pics look low quality,i don't know why blogger keep doing this)

Coco Hat - Blanco
Aviator Jacket - H&M
Oversized Turtle Neck Sweater - C&A
Small Fake Leather Bag - Primark
Black Jeans - C&A
UGGs like boots - Primark

This is what my usual lazy, comfortable looks are like, i think i am not quite ashamed to show them off as i wear them often lately, it's cold, i get up early and i don't have time to dress up all preppy and cute, so i throw something i like and feel comfortable with, feels much better when you have to spend a 8 to 6 day working at college.


  1. What are you talking about? You look so cute!
    Lovely pics, dear.

  2. Adorei o Blog e o chapéu :D

    Já te estou a seguir *.* Follow me back?


  3. Gostei desse teu look casual e do cenário fantástico! ^^
    Essas casinhas amorosas estão abandonadas? :O onde fica isso?

    p.s. obrigado pelo teu add no flickr, também te adicionei ;) ***

  4. @Raquel
    Obrigada!! Não o consigo largar!!

    If that's cute,then thanks a lot my dear!! That's my comfy side.Lol.

    Claro!! ^^

    Penso que sim,a não ser que as usem no verão para alguma coisa,mas penso que não.Ficam na praia de Esmoriz.São algumas 5 casinhas,em amarelo e branco,azul e branco e vermelho e branco,tão amorosas e lindas!!

    Obrigada!! ^^

  5. Ameiii as fotos!
    belo blog!!!! (:

    tenho sorteio e pasatempo... participa ;)
    vou te seguir já, boa? ehehe

    Ivânia Diamond*

  6. Olá Joana. Comprei na Pull o colar :) era o unico que por lá estava e não resisti.

  7. cute boots and bag:D
    the places looks nice too, ur photos still looks good anyway:)

    Journal J

  8. your blog is adorable! i love the pictures!


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