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U Do Buy - My Choices


I keep finding more and more stores with online items that i just love. If i was not too frightened to purchase all my clothes online,mostly because of my body,i think i would not think twice with most decisions. This time around i found U Do Buy, a store with a peculiar name but with items that will make anyone swoon, i promise you.
From clothes, to shoes and bags, seasonal items and a lot of ideas revolving around the latest trends, this site is just one of those places where we can spend ours collecting dreams for our wishlist.

Right now, per example, they have this Christmas list of items, actually a huge one from where i want to pick almost everything and from where i will probably list all the pieces to show you soon, as December is just around the corner and U Do Buy fulfils my Holidays Season needs when it comes to fashion, like mittens, huge sweaters, reindeer, a lot of red, snowflakes, all the season jazz!

Also the site is really easy to browse through so just go there and take a look and do it like me, just let yourself daydream with every little thing you heart desires! 


Tradução para Português brevemente.


  1. Olá!! Passei pelo teu blog e primeiro de tudo, adorei o layout! Depois dei uma vista de olhos no teu flickr e adorei as tuas fotografias! Excelente.. Se gostas de fotografia passa pelo meu se quiseres. Beijinhos (vou seguir)


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