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The Cat Eye

I actually wasn't going to upload this one, but as recently found it among other files that were kept in my SD Card and decided to give it a go. It's full of mistakes but I can say that i did it in a hurry and when i noticed that it was not going in the direction i wanted i just stopped it, but here it is now, and i promise that next time i will bring something better.

Also excuse me for the messy hair and my face that was fully without make-up.

Still i hope you like it and you can now follow The Paper and Ink YouTube Page.

Music is from The Corpse Bride and also the video can be seen in 1080p for HD screens.


  1. Parece-me que tenho de arranjar esse pincel!

    1. Este vinha na paleta,mas compra na Essence,custa cerca de 2€ e eu não quero outro!

  2. Tenho um pincel deste que comprei na H&M mais confesso que não uso muito.
    Ando sempre atrasada ...
    Mais prometo que vou tentar :)


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