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Vermelho Natal

Se me derem uma oportunidade de usar vestidos e vermelho eu agarro essa oportunidade. Não estou a brincar, vestidos bonitos são daquelas minhas perdições. Daqueles compridos e super femininos, e sabem que eu adoro vermelhos, portanto juntar as duas coisas é assim um sonho.

Como o Natal está aí à porta e eu me perdi de amores pelos sites que encontrei no site Hand Picked Dress (tem um visual foleiro mas os vestidos são lindos) e não, não tenho festas fabulosas para poder encomendar e usar um vestido mas sempre posso sonhar.

Verdade é uma, enquanto não ganho o Euromilhões para ter um Elie Saab só meu, vou-me contentando com vestidos bonitos assim e se me dessem um eu ficava toda contente mesmo que fosse só para ficar no armário, guardadinho e bonito para eu ver.

Mas bem, por enquanto fico-me pelo que vejo no monitor e vou sonhando em ter um armário recheado de vestidos bonitos, quer em vermelho ou qualquer outra cor!


Here comes that time of the year when everything goes red, sparkling and in those seasonal tones we so much love to see and to dress in. Christmas, or any other seasonal celebration you may be celebrating is most likely to be coloured in red, somehow, if not than you should colour yourself in one of the most beautiful tones there is, after all there is always a shade of red that will suit us and we just need to find it.

May it be lipsticks, dresses or anything else red is the colour of love, passion, fire, it’s a warm colour that can be toned with other warm or cold under tones. It is one of those colours that never goes out of style and in some way never fails to be incredibly fathering, extremely classic and overall very seductive and eye catching. Of course that red may not be appropriate for every single occasion but let’s think of Christmas, Proms, Weddings, Parties, anything that goes well with a stunning dress and an even more stunning tone.

Basically those are six of the dresses that I have fallen in love with lately, and if I was attending an important time any time soon I think I would go with one of the options presented above. So, if you are either looking for prom dresses, party dresses or anything more formal you could do it like me and head over HandPicked Dress. I swear I have fallen in love with that site since I started browsing their pages and pages filled with amazing dresses (with even more amazing and affordable prices compared to what I can find in physical stores around my city).

So, it’s Christmas Red or New Year’s Eve Red, and red is red and I will be happy to wear it at any time of the year or any given chance or even to attend.

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  1. Realmente os vestidos são lindos! :-) beijinhos

  2. Ai meu deus cada um mais bonito do que o outro!

    Marli, do My Own Anatomy ✫

  3. O M G. A sério,é cada um mais lindo que o outro. Era mesmo só ter um sítio para os usar!


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