It's a whole new beggining

Here I am,starting a new phase of my life as a blogger.

I guess that my friends are right when they say i'm the kind of person that has accounts everywhere all over the internet, however i don't remember or keep half of them and they are mostly created for the impulse and passion of the first moment.

I used to keep one other blog over here, it's still open to anyone who wants to go and take a look at it, but true is that everything over there is written in portuguese and they are old texts, things i liked to pull out of my mind in 'poetry' form.
Now i'm here, and this blog will be all about those little things i do around my days. My photos,my doodles,some writtings,loads of random stuff, things i know, pretty much like a Tumblr (which i also have) but in a 'blog' way, where i can write more,where i'll have more interaction with other people.
Not sure if this 'project' is gonna last, but i'll give it a try,just for fun!

Hope to see you guys around!


Joana, 28 anos e natural da cidade do Porto. 
Sou uma fotógrafa de profissão, louca por viagens e sempre com demasiadas opiniões para dar. 
Este é o meu blog no qual escrevo desde 2009 e ele já mudou tanto quanto eu mudei ao longo destes últimos, quase, 10 anos.