Here i am with my second post of the day.

This time i bring my 11 favourite blogs of 2009. :)
Some of them i have been following since the first months of the year, other ones are recent findings, that despite being new i still love with all my heart.
Those place i am about to mention are most of all pieces of inspiration that fill my mind, heart, spirit and soul. I love to go there every day and anxiously wait for the new posts.

This are the 11 blogs of 2009, according to me.

Notebook Doodles - This is one of those blogs i found recently, but that i trully love. Her simple art of doodling and making everything look so pretty amazes me to no end. I could go for hours saying how much i like the way she writes over the pictures, her lovely shoes, and the photos that she takes of the things around her, but true is that i would make no justice to the real art she creates, so go there and see it for yourself, you'll surely love it.

New Romantic - Another recent blog. This one belongs to my lovely friend Lely. I love her layout and the things she posts about, they always make me smile. :)

Luminous Photography - My dear friend Lu is one amazing photographer, even if sometimes she does not believe in it. I love the way she captures the moment, the colors of her images, the care she has for the things she shoot, the passion she puts in all the things she does.

Tea Partied - One little sweet blog, with cute little girls, drawn with girly,comfortable, pretty clothes. I wish i could have them all, collect all the images and desplay them around my walls, feel happy just to look at their faces. One amazing artist.

Niotilfem - Sandra's blog. Have been following it pretty much since the start of this year. Her photos and posts make me want to live her life, have her friends, her handsome boyfriend, be bleach blonde, smile like i meant it... I can't explain, but her blog gives me a feeling of warm inside, instant happiness throught pictures. You should see it and feel it like i do.

A Beautiful Mess - I no longer know when i started following Elsie Flannigan's (most known as Elsie Cake) blog, but it feels like forever. I want to fly all the way across the big blue ocean and go to her store, Red Velvet Art, meet her as if she is a celebrity, and buy some of the amazing thing that she and her friends create. She always give the most amazing DIY tutorials, happy colorful pictures and a rush of happiness in every single post.

Wish Wish Wish - A pretty girl, with a great sense of style, showing her life and love for fashion through her photos and words. It was because of her (and Sandra too) that i desperatly wanted a red baret (that i finally own). I don't know what else i can say about her blog, only that you should follow it too!

The Cherry Blossom Girl - Alix, the french girl that lives in Paris, loves fashion, as a fabulous style and that makes every girl like me want her life. Go,go,go to her blog, i can't say or explain how amazing it is.

Bakerella - I actually believe that i follow this blog since 2008, but it doesn't matter because it will keep being my favourite food/bake blog ever. Bakerella makes the most amazing edible home made art, and makes me want to jump into my kitchen everyday and bake like crazy. Too bad that sweets make us go larger,right??? If you're as greedy as me go there and you'll watermouth.

My Milk Toof - The amazing adventures of Ickle and Lardee, the two sweet milky teeth created by Inhae. They give me the best laughs and you can only love them. Their mini-stories are so heart filled and amazing,it makes you want to be a child again.

Pink Bedroom - The art of Caitlin Shearer. The beautiful girls, with full eyebrows, amazing high heels, and the prettiest clothes that one could imagine to wear. The pink knees,full lips,long lashes and red cheeks that make us want to be a dool.

This is all.The 11 blogs i loved on 2009!


So, first things first.
Sorry for not coming around to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, i was imensly busy this past week and i still am, but i hope that all of you had a really great Christmas time. :)
Mine was fairly nice, i had a great time with family on both Eve and Christmas day, got a good amount of presents and i'm still waiting to get some more that could not arrive on the 25th.

This is a photo (very bad one but still) of our Christmas tree.
It was a little empty this year as mum did not want to cover it with fake snow as we did last year, because of my allergies and so. Anyway, it's a big, happy, colorful tree just the wya i like it. :)

So, how is everyone doing? New Year is just around the corner, only a few days left to end 2009!!! What are your plans for NYE and most of all for the new year???

I'll get back soon, probably today, with an update of the blogs i loved the most during 2009.♥

Take care!

P.S.: Edited my layout and sidebar, with new cute features. :D

Today was a fine day, despite having horrible pains on my back because of intensive walk around downtown.
Less than a hour before lunch,brother decided to go downtown for some Christmas shopping,and despite being not so well i agreed to go,after all i would never let a 15 year old boy go alone to the mass of confusion that is Oporto during Christmas time.
We ran all the nice clothing stores we liked,he brought the presents and i got even more pains,but also the good feeling of Christmas running through my bones!!!

To end the day in beauty,we went to McDonald's to have something to eat,or drink.

Frappé Cappucino and a wild berries and white chocolate cookie that my sweet brother bought in secret so that i would eat. He was also sweet and in the middle of the shopping spree, bought me a small bag of chestnuts.:)

The whole place where Mc's is located is as nice as you can see, chandeliers all around,old style coffee house that they not even dare to take down.

And to end,this are the good old friends that helped my feet through the afternoon. Nice old black flats,i love you!!!

Take care,you all!

Going after the idea of the magnificent notebookdoodles blog, i decided to share my own doodles and things i do around my beloved notebook.
I have like a lot more around, a lot more that i could share but i prefer to start with small things.
The first is a list i did a while ago that i think it was fun,even knowing that my poor Darth Vader is so creepy.Lol.
The second one is a quote that came to my mind in the other day. :)

Hope you enjoy it!!!


Thanks to lely and the idea of showing something about my day, here i am. :)
Finger knitting, yes you heard it right. This is something i found out through Elsie Flannigan's twitter and that sounded really good, so i just googled it and found tutorials on how to do finger knitting.
You can pretty much say i am addicted to it, too bad i don't have more wool around, or if i do then i have no idea where it is, as it's my mum who keeps all this things.
In the next days i'll be looking out to buy some more colors of wool and some knitting needles, because i also want to do some normal knitting, now that i kind of learnt how to do it.

So, this is a little bit about my day, not much, but i hope you liked it.
I'll come around soon with some more things about my days, all in all, it's a really nice idea. Short and simple!

Tell me what you would like me to post about!
Having other ones telling us what they would like to see, sounds to me like a crazy good idea to carry on with my little baby blog.
Not that i don't have millions of subjects to talk about, but they all seem imensly boring at this point.

How is everyone doing?

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