Finger Knitting

Thanks to lely and the idea of showing something about my day, here i am. :)
Finger knitting, yes you heard it right. This is something i found out through Elsie Flannigan's twitter and that sounded really good, so i just googled it and found tutorials on how to do finger knitting.
You can pretty much say i am addicted to it, too bad i don't have more wool around, or if i do then i have no idea where it is, as it's my mum who keeps all this things.
In the next days i'll be looking out to buy some more colors of wool and some knitting needles, because i also want to do some normal knitting, now that i kind of learnt how to do it.

So, this is a little bit about my day, not much, but i hope you liked it.
I'll come around soon with some more things about my days, all in all, it's a really nice idea. Short and simple!


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