This past week was quite a full one.I had loads of things to do,various invitations to go off,it was almost as suddenly everyone remembered i exist.
Friday was with no doubt the best day! I went out early in the morning to open up my back account, and then left to Porto where i meet Rafa and Lu, to celebrate Rafa's birthday.
We went for lunch,then with Lu's car we went down to Serralves,a fantastic museum and park/garden.We also have to thank god that it didn't rain during all day,and the sun decided to shine for us during most of the times so we could make some pretty pictures. It was quite the perfect afternoon.

Lu in pink, me in hearts and black flats and Rafa in her awesome boots.

Lu and her pretty legs.

Rafa's fantastic 'white rabbit' style clock.

Rafa,the birthday girl,and me and my blue dress.

The view in front of the 20's house,and Lu inside. The house has so much light,so much space.In our head,the 3 of us are getting this place and turning it into our new place.We already chose the rooms and all.

The dinning room view. <3 div="">

Me and Lu.

Our pretties bathroom.

Just when i passed the photos to the computer i noticed that i catched an ant in the picture.

I like how Rafa looks in the middle of the two trees.It kind of looks Tim Burton style.

Our English garden style lake.

This was just like half of the garden/park, there's still a lot more,and the modern/contemporary art museum.

Oh and then i got home with dad around 6.30,slept for a while and my friend Jana came from work at 1am to take me out with her and some friends.We ended up in this really pretty bar,where we had tea and laughter, then we came at some 3.30 and stopped to eat a delicious hot dog.

Tomorrow i'll be back with the 7 things!!!

On the past Saturday, February 20th, one our islands, Madeira, was victim of a great tragedy caused by the horrible weather that has been in some ways devasting our country. Many people died, taken by the water and mud,others died buried by the heavy rocks, many are still missing and bodies keep being found.
The state declared three days of national mourning, so the half mast flag will serve the memory of those who lost their lives in this weekend.

May you always be remembered,and may all of you rest in peace.

Because a blog does not only serve the pretty things, it serves to later become the memory of one.

Most of the times i have loads of things to say,my mind gets filled with thoughts and things i could come out with around my blog, but then i get to my laptop, upon up a new post page and i get blank, just like that, this is the reason why i spent some many days, again, without posting.
By now i come with my usual, ok, third week only,but still, 7 things i love by Monday, and maybe then i can write something else, like tomorrow or so.
However, let's not keep high hopes on this one, as i'll have a full week.

Danny 'freaking awesome' Elfman
You may know this man from making such soundtracks as 'The Simpsons', 'Sleepy Hollow', 'Corpse Bride' and 'The Nightmare before Christmas' between many other magnificent works.
He was one of the most brilliant composers ever,if you don't know his work then you trully don't know what you are missing. This is one of those guys who is a regular partner in the amazing Tim Burton movies, making the most genius soundtracks one can hear!

The amazing DIY by Elsie Flannigan at A Beautiful Mess.
I have been following her blod for like an year now and i can't stop to get amazed by her work and her sweet life. I mentioned her before in this blog,but if you haven't yet get to see her blog go now because you will surely love it as much as i do.

McDonald's Sundae.
I have various ones during the last week and damn they are good,not the best icecreams ever but good.I love to eat icecream during winter time, and pretty much always ask for my sundaes with chocolate and caramel,like a double...yum,i have a sweet tooth!

My new nailpolish by Essence.
It's an european mark of make-up, they have gorgeous nailpolishes,their products are not tested in animals of any form, and most of all it's like...cheap, it really is.Good products for an incredible resonable price.
The site here.

Cold pie!!!
I love my mum's cold pie. It has a cookie base and then it has a solid soft,almost like jello (because it has jello) filling with any taste you want.Strawberry and Pineapple/Passion Fruit aremy favourite ones.It's an easy,quick dessert and it makes wonders to your mouth.

Tekken 5!!!
We go from girly girl things, to super cool boy style ones! I recently re-discovered my passion for Tekken,it has always been one of my favourite PS games, and last week while having my cousin around we decided to play and, well, you know the rest...i'm a little addicted again.

Remember Me and Alice in Wonderland!
These two movies are coming to Portugal in the first weeks of March and i really can't wait to see them.
Alice, because i'm a die hard Tim Burton,Johnny Depp,Alan Rickman Helena Bonham Carter fan, not to mention that Lewis Carroll with Alice's Tales have been so far some of my favourite ever books!!
Remember Me because i really like Robert Pattinson,i love to see this boy out of the Twilight world proving that he really is a great actor, and also because i read the script of this movie and it's amazing,i cried like a baby for like two hours, but i won't reveal spoilers.

That's all folks!


Carnival was celebrated today,at least over here in Portugal. I have to confess that this is from far one of my favourite holidays, mostly because i can dress up as whoever i want to be and people won't look at me sideways or call me freak, so i trully love it!!!

As usual i went downtown, to the main avenue to celebrate, but this year it was a little boring, the weather was being horrible and scary so most people stood in and did not came out to the streets. Mother was not in Carnival mood as she always is,because of the recent family tragedy,but at least i had my fair share of fun. That's important.

50's me, yes,i love to dress up in 50's mood. It makes me feel all happy and what not. Last year i was a Pin-Up, this year was going to be Mad Hatter (the Tim Burton version) but i was lacking some accessories that i could not find, so i ended up with this!

My brother. He went as some kind of executive, even knowing he was with jeans and sneakers. Yeah, he's so cool he doesn't own any kind of suit, so the jacket and tie belongs to my dad.

A close-up. My face looks horribly wide for some reason.

The all kind of adorable kids around town. Damn,at that pointed i wished for a sister so i could pull the cuttest things on her. The prettiest girl was a three or four years old dresses as vampire queen,she was so cute!!!

You can't really see it,but that guy was riding a reallyyyyy tall bike. Like 2 meters or more tall. It was funny seeing him go amoung the crowd.

The carousels where all over and people were going like crazy. Mother asked me if i wanted to go, but i did not felt like waiting in line. Yes,i get bored easily.

A little peek on my day,not bad,ah?


I have not been posting much lately, mostly due to some lack of time, but as I promised myself i'm back for my Monday 'thing'. So, here I am with the second week of 7 things i love by Monday.

Good quotes with nice images (or not).
I love quotes,quotation,words that make me smile or think about
life. From books,musics,proverbs,quotes out of the blue,it doesn't matter,
if i love it once i will love it forever.

(image by me)

My mum's birthday cake!
It looks like a pink giant mess, but i did it myself with loads of love and
it tasted as good as i could wish.
Mother loved it and that's the most important.

(image by me)

I'm a sucker for Star Wars,but c'mon we gotta be honest, it's from far
one of the greatest movies EVER made!!!!
This project is simply amazing and fun, you should see it,even if you are not a SW fan.

Vampire Diaries!!!!
It hurts just to think about the 6 weeks hiatus, but i'll probably rewatch every single episode.
This last episode was quite amazing, i came to the conclusion i was right about some ideas, which ones i won't talk about because i would be spoiling some of you.
By the end i just wanted to hug both Damon and Bonnie, but Damon mostly. (of course)

Flash Mob!!!
Not the greatest one ever, but it was amazing to record a video and meet four of the hosts of
my favourite national tv show. They were so kind and talked with all the fans!!
A great afternoon,i must admit!!
I'm the one of the first line,middle,with the red barret,and my brother by my side.

(note,the photo above is from the 1996 tv show,the one i own)
This series,both books and TV,which i totally own, is just amazing.
My late childhood was all about
seeing episode of the The Famous Five everyday with my brother,over and over again!!

Old cameras!
The older the better. I own a few,not much,some 4 or so,and i love them all.
I believe i still have some around the loads of stuff in the garage and i'll probably find them someday.

(image by me)

All for today!!! Who knows if i don't get back tomorrow? ^^

Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.
Rudyard Kipling


This quote became one of my favourite ones because the truth behind it is trully huge. If not there are very simple things that can prove it. With a simple word you can hurt someone more then what you could ever do physically, but also with a single word you can show you love someone more then what you could do with all the actions in this world.

For some this may be hard to understand, but if you look closely and reflect you'll see what i mean.

(this shows how little i have to post about...what a life,ah?)

Oh,i also got this insanely cute bag on sales!!! ^^

Just a very quick post so i can let you know that my literary blog
Momentos is back in business. I opened it back in March 2007 and ever since 2008
that the place was closed and with no posts.
Now that i feel the need to go back to my writing i decided to give it a second
try and re-open it, now in English, knowing that the older
posts were all done in my mother language, Portuguese.


I have been missing for the past couple days,i know,but i really had nothing to post about or at least nothing worth.
However, and knowing that i follow several blogs and many of them have similiar posts like this, every week with the same 'theme', i thought it could be a nice day to do one by myself.
This will be the first one, 7 things i love by Monday, where i show seven nice things i have loved by the past seven days. Not sure you get the concept, but i don't think it's too hard, so let's start.

Simple, with milk, with chocolate...yes,with chocolate!
Yes, i'm a coffee addict and i don't mind it, i love it! Coffee has no exciting effect on me, it does not take my sleepy mood away or anything like that. People say it's a good thing, but i wonder that if someday i need something to kick me through a night of projects and study, what will i have? Seems like i'll have to find a solution. Anyway, coffee will always be a big part of my life, a great warm lover...^^
(photo by me)

Zooey Claire Deschanel!
I love her, absolutely and with no doubt. She's brilliant, beautiful and fun. Her performance in (500) Days of Summer made me lover her more then ever. She's a stunning, fabulous actress and woman. I guess that the entire Deschanel family is made of EPIC win.
Black leggings or any kind of leggings.
Since i bought my latest pair i rediscovered my passion for leggings, how comfortable they are, how perfectly they fit. I could wear them day and night, everyday and never get tired of them. Practial, fashionable, acessible, what else can we ask for?
Alice in Wonderland inpired photos!
Ok, i do love Alice in Wonderland with a passion. The books, the Disney movie, the Tim Burton movie that is about to came out and i can't wait to see. In this way i think it's perfectly clear why i love Alice in Wonderland inspired photos so much...and the colors are quite perfect, ain't they?
Any doodles by Notebook Doodles.
Her posts make me smile, her doodles and nice quotes in a beautiful sweet handwritting make me feel all happy and warm inside, i feel like bliking and act silly like a child, cause they are always so sweet, yet so real and always fit the most different situations.
Kudos for this girl!!!!
(doodle by notebookdoodles)
Ice-cream during winter time!
I love ice-cream during the entire year, but for some reason i guess i like it better during Winter time. I know it may sound absurd for some of you, but i like the cold and soft of it during a winter rainy and cold day, at home or any my favourite shop downtown...
I have a basket filled with all different types of nailpolish but i never seem to get enough. Now i want to buy more and more, and get soe OPI and Chanel to my collection. After all a girl needs some luxuries at time,right?

(all photo,unless stated, were found on Tumblr and Google)

Guess this is all, at least for today. How are you guys doing?
Much love...♥

Posting!! I'm happy to be doing this more often. :) If i keep like this then i'll have my goal done for the year.
Took this one from notebookdoodles. In every question we are only supposed to answer with one word, no more, no less. I'm not going to tag anyone, this already sound scary enough for me, so let's start!

Your Cell Phone? samsung.
Your Hair? shoulder.
Your Mother? smiley.
Your Father? great.
Your Favorite Food? pasta.
Your Dream Last Night? weird.
Your Favorite Drink? coffee.
Your Dream/Goal? photography.
What Room Are You In? living.
Your Hobby? art.
Your Fear? spiders.
Where Do You See Yourself In Six Years? london.
Where Were You Last Night? computer.
Something That You Aren’t? stupid.
Muffins? yum.
Wish List Item? DSLR.
Where Did You Grow Up? hometown.
Last Thing You Did? wrote.
What Are You Wearing? hoodie.
Your TV? off.
Your Pets? quiet.
Friends? amazing.
Your Life? full.
Your Mood? hyper.
Missing Someone? yes.
Vehicle? foot.
Something You Aren’t Wearing? make-up.
Your Favorite Store? h&m.
Your Favorite Color? navy.
When Was The Last Time You Laughed? today.
Last Time You Cried? sunday.
Your Best Friend? heart.
One Place You Go To Over And Over Again? grandma's.
Facebook? farmville.
Favorite Place To Eat? grandma's.

I'm back,again! As i said to blog more and i could not find something i could write about today, then i decided to post a recipe. Good idea,ah?

I did this today, first because i was craving something sweet and second...i don't think there's a second.

This one you see here (in a what looks like a bad quality image,you can always click to see the large size) is a microwave chocolate cake. Yes,you heard it right, microwave chocolate cake!
It takes some 10 minutes to be done and ready to eat, and i promise that you should do it fast, because it's incredibly good and second because it starts getting a little dry if you leave it for too long, but this has an easy solution, which is cover it with chocolate sauce. Clever,right?

So,here is the recipe of the Microwave Chocolate Cake:

-3 eggs
-3 table spoons of vegetable oil
-3 table spoons of milk
-150gr of sugat
-25gr of chocolate powder
-125gr of flour
-chocolate chips (optional)

In a bowl combine the wet ingredients, eggs,milk and oil. Mix everything very well.
Then add the dry ingredients, mixing them into the wet mix.
(or you can do like i did and throw everything into a bowl and mix).

Take a cake mould, or any other container that can go to the microowaves (as glass or plastic,but never metal,you don't want to have an explosion in your kitchen). Grease it with vegetable oil (or spray it,if you have vegetable oil spray) and pour the batter to the container.

Put it in the microwaves, for 2/3 minutes in the maximum power, and let it bake.
You shall be aware and see the baking as it goes, it time it takes to bake my be different from microwaves to microwaves.

And voilá,you will have a quick cake to serve!!!

p.s.:image belongs to me

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