Just wanted to update with a huge apologies for the lack of updates.I could not even
manage to make the 7 Things I Love By Monday.
I have been on Spring Break since last Friday but trully that even on vacations i have
been terribly busy and April won't be an easy month at all.
I will do new updates,of course,i will,and i'll try to do them soon,but for
now excuse me for this lack of updates and comments on your amazing blogs.

Thanks a lot,to all of you!!!
Keep me informed,spam me,tell me thing,i love to read!!

If you want more info about what Lockerz is,go here.
One more week without posts,i should be ashamed of myself,i know.
I'm sorry.Spring break starts on Friday and i promise something good by then,ok?

1. The arrival of Spring
Spring started on Sunday,and in the days before it has been raining like none stop and i trully believed that the first Spring day would start that way,but surprisingly the sun showed up,it was warm and beautiful!!! It was a happy,happy Sunday.

(photo by me)

02. Remember Me
Going out on a rainy Saturday afternoon with my male best friend who i had not seen for months to see this amazing movie. Don't judge a book by the cover,you must have heard,so don't start judging just because of Robert Pattinson.The guy is an amazing talented actor,he can't show what he trully is in Twilight,but in this movie,you can't miss it.It's beautiful,touching,everything you can want it to be.Perfect!

03. Alice In Wonderland Score by Danny Elfman
After almost 3 weeks of search i finally found the Alice in Wonderland Score by Danny Elfman.I don't think i have to say much more then this. Brilliant!!!

04. Strawberries
It's there time to show up,and they are my favourite fruit.I don't think i could ever life without them.They are amazing in every possible way.Taste,color,look..pretty,pretty,pretty!

05.Supernatural and Vampires Diares
They are back!! This Thursday night this two shows that own my life are back.Oh thank you CW God!!!

06. Walks out in the sun
With my dog,or without him too.They are just perfect in this season,right?

(photo by me)

07.União Zoolófila
(or any institution that protects and takes cares of animals that lost their homes)
This is the kind of things that make me both happy and sad.Sad because i wish this would not happen,people should love their animals and the ones who want an animal should not pay hundreds for them where there are so many free love in each pair of sweet eyes you see in this places.Happy because there are always great people ready to get this animals,take care of them when no-one else cares,the way this little friends look at you,with love and kindness even if you are there just to rub their ears. =')
I wish i could take them all.

This is all folks.Tell me the news!!!

New week,new 7 things!!!
And, Spring start on Sunday!!! Hooray!!!

Alice Inspired Photos
This is just the little tip from a batch of Alice inspired photos
i did on Sunday,after grabbing some tea and cake and looking at a lonely pile of cards
somewhere in my living room. Took advantage of the sun and my good mood and voilá.

(photo by me)

How I Met Your Mother
I have been seing this show for quite long now and i guess it will
never stop to surprise me and amuse me.It's such a great comedy tv show.
If you don't know it, go and watch it because you won't regret it, and Neil
Patrick Harris is just awe...wait for it...some!!!

She & Him - Volume Two
First we all know i adore Zooey Deschanel,second her voice is amazing,
and ever since i got my hands on this record today i can't stop listening to it
Smooth happy songs that make you calm and feel all content.

Old Family Photos
Ain't they the best? This one is from the middle 60's. My mother
in the center and my two aunts with her. She's the oldest.
God,weren't they pretty? And those dresses? Grandmother
used to do them for her girls,she even made some really adorable
things for me when i was born (may she rest in peace).
Venezuela,middle 60's.

(photo by me,well not me,but it's mine)

Taking flower photos
Just because Spring is peacking and those amazing flowers are blooming
all over the place!

(photo by me)

H&M Blues Collection
Ever since a few years ago,i have been in love with H&M, i love to buy my
clothes in there,because it's great fashion at resonable prices and their
collections are always filled with the most amazing things.
Blue is also my favourite color, so this is more then enough reasons
for this one being one of the things i love.

Olivia Wilde
She is my number one girl crush. Jebus,this woman is amazing.
Stunning beauty,amazing acting skills, i don't know what else.
It's one of those peole who just wants to stare at for no reason. I love her!

That's all,folks!!!

Imagine waking up in the morning, your arm stretched under your
pillow and in your hand a red envelope with your name in it.
Imagine the exctiment you feel, while getting up from your bed, opening up the windows, letting
the sun come right in, shining on every wall and you see the name of a dear friend
in it.

Now, imagine you open up the letter and dozens of stars fall into your arms, your lap
and even on the floor, and the only thing you do is smile. Then inside you have
a folded paper and over it a pretty post-it telling you to make a wish.

Yes,this was real,this happened and it made me smile through the whole day.
You pick up the stars put them back on the envelope and go to peak at them
everytime you feel a little more down and then and there you find an instant smile to
proudly wear for hours or day!

Thank you to Lely, who did this for me, who wrote a letter that made me smile
and put stars inside so i could make a wish.

Now is your turn,make a wish and smile!!!

(photos by me)

It's that time of the week!!!
Yes,yes,yes! 7 new things i love by Monday!!!

Not all in the cinema,but at home,wrapped in a warm pj and
blanket in your bed or in your sofa watching a movie or making a tv marathon.

Alice in Wonderland
Here i go again! I don't think i need to stay much more,do I?

(screencapture from trailer by me)
Fleece Blanket
I love to have a fleece blanket around in this cold days. When i'm sitting in the sofa
with the laptop in my legs and i need something to keep me warm,i just wrap myself in this pretty one.

(photo by me)
Flowers because they remind me of how close Spring is. 13 days for Spring to arrive!
13 days for nice pleasant days, less rain, less cold and my favourite season.

(photo by me)
Star Wars
Nerd at heart,remember? Sitting on a late night with the popcorns and
the blanket and watch it!!! Oh yes,please!

Stawberry Pencils
I love pencils, the eating ones in this case. I usually get them in a little shop near school,
they have a lot more flavours, but strawberry ones will always be my favourites.

Elie Saab
S/S 2010. I love Elie Saab ever since i remember to be into fashion,
and this season has the most beautiful dresses,don't you think? How i wish to live in one of this
ones for at least a day. I would be a happy happy woman!

Happy Woman's Day!

Woman or Man we should celebrate ourselves and the other every day, the entire year, but if there's a day to mark the special event of being a woman in this world, then let's show that we are (probably) the most amazing half of this planet.
To all the women, a very happy day!!!!!

Coming later: 7 things I love by Monday
(photo by me)

I know that the movie only open in the US today,however for us,in Portugal,it came out a day earlier, which was a great surprise,because it's something that rarely or never happens.

Of course as a good Burton and Alice fan i went to see it straight away,i had to. Now, i'm here with a review.

I have been reading the most different things around, the the worst and best reviews from this movie. I gotta be honest,this is not a children movie or something that everyone will appreciate, it's a Tim Burton movie,not something hugely comercial and you have to pay attention to all the details to get the best out of this film, so i understand that not all reviews talk wonders of this movie.

In my opinion, this is a great movie, i loved it, the scenarios and clothing design are two of the greatest things about the entire thing. The special effects are good,not something from the other world but we have to understand that this is something that is very like Burton, he doesn't go for effects as the ones you see in Avatar, this ones are much more dream like, you have to use your head and recall your craziest dreams to appreciate the kind of effects that are used.

One thing that make me love this movie and its something not so usual in most of his films, is the very light side of Wonderland. Of course i know the man go for extremes, but it was good to see so much white, light but still magnificent. Some parts from the movie, on the 'white side' of Wonderland reminded me of the Rivendell in Lord of the Rings.

All actors had an amazing performance, but i trully did not liked the White Queen characters. Nothing against Anne Hathaway,i have followed her work ever since The Princess Diaries and she really is a fantastic perfomer, however this character seemed so fake. Maybe you will disagree but this is my opinion.

The 'dark side' of Wonderland, the Red Queen's side is also fantastic, quite dark and it keeps having some very good resembles with LOTR at some points.

The characterization of the most real characters was extraordinary, as The Red Queen and Mad Hater , those two were fantastic and very funny.

The little friends were very well designed, realistic on their own way, and i got quite surprised on how funny they were, i think that in this movie i laughed more then in most Tim Burton movies,which is something nice.

Michael Sheen as the White Rabbit and Alan Rickman as the Blue Caterpillar were quite amusing. I loved Alan's voice and i want that pretty White Rabbit to be my new pet.

I had no idea that Matt Lucas was playing a role on the movie. I am a huge Little Britain fan so when i saw Tweedledee and Tweedledum i was so surprised and grinned like an idiot. Those twins are much adorable in this movie then the ones in the Disney version.

Alice fashion through the movie was amazing,i found no photos to share but you will love to see it,or maybe not.I like the excentric things she wears but still pretty and girly.

There are some details are you will notice to be extremely Tim Burton,like the floors,some architecture and so on, this is the kind of things that we can always expect from him.

The Chesire Cat was indeed not as scary as i thought it would be,he became much more nice and adorable through the movie,but still mad as one can be.

Now comes the good part, the Hatter...ok,Johnny Depp.

The outfit was great and so was the make-up.I like the eye lens they used,they were scary sometimes,but after all his the Mad Hatter. The way he talks his funny,you may understand why if you have seen the trailer but you will love it much more if you go see the movie. He makes you laugh and want to cry, he is along Alice one of the main characters of this movie,and as usual Depp exceeded my hopes and did a brilliant job,the man trully is a chameleon.

Seriously? Could he get any more adorable?

You are late,late,late to go see this movie!!!! So...OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!!!!!

Images were cortesy of IMDB and some others were screencaps i created myself from the first teaser trailer.

Hello everyone!!!
This is something i should have done months ago when i started this blog, but i have procrastinating like mad.
This is then,what i should call my bio or introduction to you.

So,my name is Joana, i'm a 19 years old girl from Porto, a north town in Portugal.
I am arts' student, i'm ending Geometry so i can,hopefully, enter college where i expect to graduate in communication design, and right after make my photography course.

I am a life enthusiatic, optimistic, ear to ear smiling girl, sometimes silly, fangirl of enumerous fandom, love more random things then most normal people, half or entirely mad...

I have the most amazing family. They support me,give me unconditional love and everything else a caring family can give.
I also have a good amount of extraordinary friends who keep my head up, make me smile and laugh and kick my butt when i need to move forward.

I also love to travel, either inside or outside my country. Of course i have not done it often in the past times, but still every time i can and i have some money for it i like to go on adventures, even if it is only in places 10kms away from home. Even in those times i consider that a trip.

I am food passionated. Eating,baking and cooking are three things i am good at. At some points i considered on following this passion as a future career, but i prefer to keep it as a nice hobby.
There is this little secret, i want to be a home mama someday, have my carerr of course, but bake for the family in a nice large full of light kitchen.

I also love rainy days when i can stay home, sit by the window with a cup of coffee and see the glass getting filled with this tiny drops of water, bluring the images outside, creating so many great pictures.

I can't leave without my phone, my glasses, my planner and pens. Paper and ink,right?

I don't think i have a defined sense of fashion, i just like to pull together pretty things, feel girly and most of the times comfortable. I like to dress up,wear make-up but still be myself, mark my way using my own style. I think that such thing is important.

What else would you like to know? I would love to answer!
So,i got my first stamp on blogger today,well the past night or so,but still!
The person who gave me this one was Madalena from the O Lado Fútil. The stamp is in portuguese,but i'll translate the question to English,if you don't mind!

1.Two beauty tricks: I don't have beauty tricks actually,i keep myself simple and using the basic stuff. A good shampoo and hair conditioner, moiturizer in right doses, simple make-up. Two things that i always do,i would not call them beauty tips, is use loose powder to finish my skin make-up and everytime i do my nails,once the nailpolish is well dry,i pass the nails under running cold water,so the polish will fix more perfectly.I do this for years and it works quite well.

2.Gifts you would like to receive: I am not usually an extremely materialistic person, at least as i used to be on my fifteens and so,but of course there are some things i would love to receive. First would very obviously be a DSLR,Canon or Nikon,any of them would make me a very happy girl!!! Also, a MiuMiu and a Mulberry bag! A pair of Jimmy Choos and Louboutins! I don't know i want so many pretty things, i could go on and on with a list,but that would be overwhelming and boring to read about.

3.Favourite place to shop: H&M,Primark and Blanco,this is where i can get adorable,pretty and afordable clothes.If i had all the money i wanted the stores would be different of course...maybe one day!

4.Two defects: Oh,oh....Ok,so two defects,ah? I have a temper,i am working on that,i'm not so bad as before,but i do have a temper. Other one is that i always have to get my way,either it is getting something or doing something in my way.

5.Two qualities: Uhm...i'm optimistic,more then ever i am an optimistic person and i am very polite and treat everyone with respect.I do have a big mouth,it's true,but i'm polite with people around me.

6.Two beauty products: My loose powder from Essence and my Syoss shampoo and conditioner.

7.Three crazy habits: I'm a perfectionist,in everything i do,it may drive people mad but i may go on things over and over again until they are what i could call almost perfect. I think i have OCD,a little bit,i have to keep everything organized,i like to find patterns in things and keep them that way, like in the way i put the table for dinner,everything needs to be aligned,and so on. I do loads of lists,i do lists for everything and nothing,i smile while do them cause they make me feel good.

8.Three features you don't stand in other people: Two faced people,that kind who says one thing in your face and something different in your back,i just can't stand it. People who commit animal cruelty,i want to kill them,or maybe just hurt them really badly. People who are not punctual,i don't like to wait long times for someone to meet with me,5 minutes is ok, but half an hour is just way to much.

9.Three features you love in other people: People who know how to smile and know how to feel good about themselves,when someone feels good with theirselves that shows off really well and makes other ones around feel good too. Honest people,who are not afraid to tell the true. People who are original,who dare to stand outside the so called 'normal'.

10.Special person/people for you: obviously family, but also my best friend and my entire group of online and some offline friends too. :D

Stamping everyone who feels like doing this!!!

Now go visit the O Lado Fútil blog!!!!

I'm late,i'm late,i'm late!!!

For what? A brand new 7 things I love by Monday!!!!

1. Almost Alice OST
This is one amazing mix of great songs.I really can't wait for this movie.Thursday!!!! Thursday i'm going to see it,no matter what happens! Somehow i still hope for a Danny Elfman original score for the movie.

I can't wait for Spring to come! I love winter,but Spring really is my time,and i'm tired of the rain and the horrible winter that just brings damages and all.Spring,get here fast!!!

(photo by me)

I collect them,or so my dad says,but i can't resist.They are pretty and they serve for so many different things,i can't really help myself.

(photo by me)

4. Chocolate Milk
Hot most of the times,as we are still on winter.I drink milk as it's a duty or something,and i love it.I can only drink milk with chocolate or coffee,because plain milk makes me sick,only the smell of it does.

Museum and Park/Garden/House of Serralves. It's from far one of my favourite places in the whole town. Perfect for brilliant photos, long walks alone or with friends, culture and great things.

(photo by me)

6. Navy Inspired Fashion
Last year when i knew that this would be a tendence for 2010 i scream with happiness. I always loved the navy style.Red,blues,whites,stripes!!! One of my very first outfits as a baby was a navy style dress with matching hat,i just wish i had a big size of it now,because it's beautiful

7. Kiwis
The only thought of it makes my tongue twist,but when they are on the right time and sweet i can eat loads of kiwis. I'm a very fruit person, and i really like kiwis!

xoxo. Joana

Joana, 28 anos e natural da cidade do Porto. 
Sou uma fotógrafa de profissão, louca por viagens e sempre com demasiadas opiniões para dar. 
Este é o meu blog no qual escrevo desde 2009 e ele já mudou tanto quanto eu mudei ao longo destes últimos, quase, 10 anos.