Oh,stamp! ♥

So,i got my first stamp on blogger today,well the past night or so,but still!
The person who gave me this one was Madalena from the O Lado Fútil. The stamp is in portuguese,but i'll translate the question to English,if you don't mind!

1.Two beauty tricks: I don't have beauty tricks actually,i keep myself simple and using the basic stuff. A good shampoo and hair conditioner, moiturizer in right doses, simple make-up. Two things that i always do,i would not call them beauty tips, is use loose powder to finish my skin make-up and everytime i do my nails,once the nailpolish is well dry,i pass the nails under running cold water,so the polish will fix more perfectly.I do this for years and it works quite well.

2.Gifts you would like to receive: I am not usually an extremely materialistic person, at least as i used to be on my fifteens and so,but of course there are some things i would love to receive. First would very obviously be a DSLR,Canon or Nikon,any of them would make me a very happy girl!!! Also, a MiuMiu and a Mulberry bag! A pair of Jimmy Choos and Louboutins! I don't know i want so many pretty things, i could go on and on with a list,but that would be overwhelming and boring to read about.

3.Favourite place to shop: H&M,Primark and Blanco,this is where i can get adorable,pretty and afordable clothes.If i had all the money i wanted the stores would be different of course...maybe one day!

4.Two defects: Oh,oh....Ok,so two defects,ah? I have a temper,i am working on that,i'm not so bad as before,but i do have a temper. Other one is that i always have to get my way,either it is getting something or doing something in my way.

5.Two qualities: Uhm...i'm optimistic,more then ever i am an optimistic person and i am very polite and treat everyone with respect.I do have a big mouth,it's true,but i'm polite with people around me.

6.Two beauty products: My loose powder from Essence and my Syoss shampoo and conditioner.

7.Three crazy habits: I'm a perfectionist,in everything i do,it may drive people mad but i may go on things over and over again until they are what i could call almost perfect. I think i have OCD,a little bit,i have to keep everything organized,i like to find patterns in things and keep them that way, like in the way i put the table for dinner,everything needs to be aligned,and so on. I do loads of lists,i do lists for everything and nothing,i smile while do them cause they make me feel good.

8.Three features you don't stand in other people: Two faced people,that kind who says one thing in your face and something different in your back,i just can't stand it. People who commit animal cruelty,i want to kill them,or maybe just hurt them really badly. People who are not punctual,i don't like to wait long times for someone to meet with me,5 minutes is ok, but half an hour is just way to much.

9.Three features you love in other people: People who know how to smile and know how to feel good about themselves,when someone feels good with theirselves that shows off really well and makes other ones around feel good too. Honest people,who are not afraid to tell the true. People who are original,who dare to stand outside the so called 'normal'.

10.Special person/people for you: obviously family, but also my best friend and my entire group of online and some offline friends too. :D

Stamping everyone who feels like doing this!!!

Now go visit the O Lado Fútil blog!!!!

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