Here i am again,running away from procrastination. This post is about the things of my life that are like little curiosities and i thought they could be interesting. Btw,the post is completely inspired by Niotillfem's post.

- I'm one true north girl,i mean,portuguese north girl.By the stereotypes that makes me one loud person,with tendency to curse, love my family and traditions. That can all be true,i do all of those things and actually i couldn't care less.I love my heritage, love my town with all my heart, love the people and everything else.I am loud,oh yes i am, and i curse,not as much as i used to,but when i'm furious i do.I love my family and in the latest years i love traditions more then anything! I'm northern and i love it!

-Until i was some 5 years old i wanted to be a boy.I wanted it so badly i asked my grandpa,who worked as a carpenter, to make me a wood...you know that thing guys have between their legs.Lol.
Well,i grew up amoung boys,i only had girls in the kindergarden and while staying at grandma's house i was the only girl around,so i acted like a complete boy,my mother even cutted my hair too short when i was four,and even knowing i wore pretty dresses i loved to run,play football (soccer) and play with cars.I am a lot more feminine now but i still have some male traces in my personality.

-I can't leave home without my cell and my glasses.I have only used this last ones for little over 4 months by now,but i have to use them the entire time,so obviously i can't go on without them.As for my cell,it holds pretty much everything.My music,my contacts,a camara with 3Mp that makes pretty awesome photos...it's my little world stuck in the palm of my hand.

-I'm ambidextrous, which means i can use both my hands (as in left and right handed).Of course i do write with my right hand the best, but i eat as left handed and do a lot of things as left handed.Guess it's because of my grandpa,how i grew up with him around and saw him doing that,while i mimicked.

-Spring is my favourite season. I love winter because of the cold, however spring brings the best temperatures, the flowers, the sun,the prettiest clothes and the oppurtunities for picnics in the parks, walks with friends, and so much more.Spring is the time of colors,smiles and all the best things.

-My first ever crush was an english guy.He had bleach blonde hair,deep blue eyes and was extra pale.I was four and we went to kindergarden together.I can't remember his name,but i do remember that everytime i would see him i would just get too much happy. I do believe that my 'obsession' with English guys and their accents started at that time. Other then the English guy my big love of that time was Tuxedo Mask, you know, from Sailor Moon.

-I know hate is a strong word,but i do hate chavs.They are loud(in a bad way),they stink,they are extremely rude and tend to be violent in pathetic ways when in groups. When standing alone they are not so brave anymore...pathetic people!!

-Since i was 13 i pretty much can't live without coffee.Simple,with milk,with chocolate,with chocolate and milk.Everything. It doesn't kick my system,at least it doesn't make me less sleepy (wish it did) but i love how it smells,how it tastes...

-Since i was 4/5 i have always been overweight,but thankfully i always learnt to accept myself.Some times i felt worse,of course,but never had too much issues with it,probably because all my life i had wonderful friends who accepted me and loved me just as i am.Of course,i'm trying to change that fact,but it's because of my health...mostly.

-I dream of writing a book,someday,maybe soon,maybe not. I got in NaNo (national novel writting month) last November, i wrote like half of a book,still getting to the 50.000 words, but after that i didn't finish it.Since i was 7 that i have started books that i never got to end,maybe one day i'll kick myself to end one,and who knows? Publishing it can be the next step.

-Is there's something i love to pull up with my make-up routine is red lipstick.Fire red lipstick,like the glamorous woman of the 50's. I don't use it much,dad says he doesn't like to see me with it,but when i can and i have the need of making my day brighter,i just got an hold of my lipstick and turn my lips red,because for some reason it makes me feel a whole lot better.

-My teenage obsessions were Blue and Harry Potter. Well,HP still is probably my number one fandom,but as for Blue,not so much.I'm not a pop girl anymore,not as i was at the age of 14, as while in my 15's i got back to the good old rock that my dad made me grow with.Yes the 70's and 80's old classic rock that i so much love and adore.I found the best music in that age,also thanks to Supernatural,and finally understood that Jim Morisson was my rock god...and still is!

There's probably a lot more i could talk about,but i'll leave that for you to ask,if you want to know! ^^

(all photos by me)


I am around,again,after a long period of procrastination and absense from my blog.
Shameful person, that's exactly what i am, so you guys better start kicking my butt from
now on,so i'll update and come around and do all the blogging in the world...or at least as much
as i can.

No 7 Things by Monday since March 22nd, even knowing that it was my weekly commitment to do it. Impressive,girl,you are a natural procrastinator.

So,a lot has been going on. Between going out with my best friend, Flash Mobs, my brother's 16th birthday and my 20th birthday and a lot more.
Yes,you heard it right, i'm 20 now,a full adult...even knowing that i wish i was a child forever.

What else can i say? I have like tons of photos that i could share but what's the good of boring you with such thing,right?

Ask ahead, spam me,do something that will make me smile...do whatever you want.
For now,i'm back!!!
Oh,and i have a new layout...sorta,more like changed the things a little bit.


Happy Easter!!!!

To all of you who celebrate this day, as i do, i wish you a very happy Easter full of fun things, eggs, sweets
and chocolates.
If you are one of the lucky ones who go on egg huntings then have fun because i would
love to join you, i trully wish i could!
May you spend your day with your family,friends and the ones you love.

To the rest of you, a very happy Sunday!!!♥

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