Olá, eu sou a Joana - a cara por detrás do The Paper and Ink. Vinte e muitos anos, natural e residente da belíssima cidade do Porto, sou uma fotógrafa e blogger que em 2009 criou este espaço em busca de uma maneira de dar a conhecer ao mundo a minha voz, as minhas ideias e paixões. O TPI é um lifestyle blog, ou seja, é um pouco de tudo o que marca a minha vida, me apaixona e que acredito ser importante partilhar.


My book is printed!

Red Rivers!

I wrote this baby in the past month of November, during and for the NaNoWrimo challenge.
Honestly is that once November was over and i reached the goal of the 50.000 words i never picked on my book again, even if i had ideas to carry on with it. In this way i never came to complete the story or even revise the entire thing, but we were offered a free print and shipping through create space and i came to realise a couple weeks back that the deadline was near and i had no time to go over my book,so i made a pretty cover, different from my original one, and make the pagination, as well as i could in a fast way and sent it out to be printed, without even thinking about the unfinished story, the mistake galore or the scenes that should be cut out because my mum will want to read it, even if it's in English.

However, this morning when i woke up and mum told me i had a package waiting for me the excitment was too big and holding my book in my hands as if it was something published felt like a really big deal to me. Now i have something i made in my bookshelf, something i'm proud of, kinda, and that i will keep with me for a long long time. It's a feeling of satisfaction,you know?


photo by me.
book cover made with my own photo too.


Harry Potter Trailer #4

This is epic,they are teasin us to no end.
As soon as i started watching i was crying,shaking,my heart racing,as in all the other trailers.
Harry Potter ruled my life since i was 10, actually since 18 November 2000,yes i do remember the date,perfectly.
This will the be the end of theb greatest saga ever,something that changed a whole generation...

I have no words.
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It's new vintage


I didn't post yesterday as i planned because the subject i was going to post about,well,i still want to talk about it but i still need to do a little more 'research' as my physical/self research is not going as awesome as i would like,so i will have to look some more for it.

Anyway,new shoes! They are from Blanco and i seriously love them.Fresh,summer,pink and that vintage vibe that i have been very in love with.
Right now i really want to get back to the store and get everything i can,because all products (except from new collection) are with 50% off and that gives us some great buying oppurtunities. Unffortunately i am broke,summer broke,as in completely,and i really can't go around my bank account money,as i'm saving it for better purposes then obsessive and compulsive shopping sprees. Lol.

Tell me something,because i'm running out of subject...sort of.


♥ photo by me


Summer Time

So,hello to all of you who are still around!

I know it has been two months since my last post,in which i promised to stop procrastinating,but real life caught me busy, then came finals time,which are over since Wednesday.
Finally i have vacations,free time,summer time,which gives me a lot more oppurtunities to come around and update properly. This time i won't promise to do posts,or anything,we'll just see how it rolls,and hope i can do it more often.

So,as i said finals times are over,and now i'm just waiting to get my resulsts so i can apply to enter college in this upcoming Fall. I'll be a freshman, a 20 years old freshman, excited to start something new. =)

Anyway,i have a new layout,i was trying to modify the old one,i screw everything up so i started with something different and fresh. It still needs a couple more touches,need to add a few more things and then i believe i'll be satisfied.
Btw,i got the new stylesheet/theme from Gisele Jaquenod.

The only thing i promise right now,is to be back soon,possibly today,cause i do have something to post,but i just don't want to fill up this one post too much.
I'm going with smaller stuff from now on,so it gets easier to update. =)


♥ image by me

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