It's new vintage


I didn't post yesterday as i planned because the subject i was going to post about,well,i still want to talk about it but i still need to do a little more 'research' as my physical/self research is not going as awesome as i would like,so i will have to look some more for it.

Anyway,new shoes! They are from Blanco and i seriously love them.Fresh,summer,pink and that vintage vibe that i have been very in love with.
Right now i really want to get back to the store and get everything i can,because all products (except from new collection) are with 50% off and that gives us some great buying oppurtunities. Unffortunately i am broke,summer broke,as in completely,and i really can't go around my bank account money,as i'm saving it for better purposes then obsessive and compulsive shopping sprees. Lol.

Tell me something,because i'm running out of subject...sort of.


♥ photo by me

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