Oh my,3 days,3 posts! Seriously,me? Yes,starting to love my blog way too much,but that's not a bad thing,right? ^^

Anyhow,just a quick OOTD.Pulled this for going lunch at grandma and nothing else,i took it all out as soon as i was home,it seems fresh,but with the weather as it's,hothothot,the only thing you want to wear is like...nothing.Not that i'm not wearing nothing,but i'm in less clothes then the ones in the photos.

I can't pose for nice pictures,mostly when i'm using a public area of the building and someone can appear at any moment,i just feel all sorts of akward ,you know?

I just hope you like this! Giveaway coming soon,as soon as i hit 50 followers,or less. ^^


♥ all photos by me

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New post! Oh god,i'm getting more and more and more in love with my blog in each day that goes by.I find this place as my little therapy sometimes,my runaway from real life,problems and this absurdly boring summer i'm living.

So,i come with a wishlist,a little one.Not too cheap,but not impossible to afford.I guess that having a wedding in the end of August i'm starting to study some possibilites of what to wear.I mostly need a dress,as i have enough shoes and bags to wear in that day.

This would never be my first choice for the wedding, as my mum would never let me pay a grand total of 116,37€ for an outfit for a wedding,even if i would then wear the pieces in every day life.

So,what do you think? What is your wishlist? What can you tell me about wedding outfits?


Just a little something.If you use bloglovin' as i do,please add me there,it would mean the world to me.
Also if you don't know this place,go there,it's a brilliant way to follow blogs.Neat and pretty!

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Nothing much to say actually. Personal life has been complicated lately and summer is not helping much,i feel lonely most of the time and this extremely hot weather is not helping.Anyhow i'm not here to talk about my personal life,right? ^^

Last Saturday i had this plan to go to a rock concert of a awesome national band,but luckly my plans were canceled and i ended in the mall with my mother and i can only thank god we did because otherwise i would never found the great pair of jeans i found at Primark,which coast 3€ only.Yes people,3€.I was like 'are you serious?'.

Along with the jeans i got this pretty bow necklace,the pink jazz shoes i have been eyeing for a while now and new pair of black leggings as my other ones are dying due to excessive wear.
I don't have photos of the jeans yet,but as soon as i put them on i promise to do a OOTD with them.

I had not much money with me but i saw some things i want to buy next. A fantastic cameo necklace,some others ones i loved around,a bag that resembles the Mulberry Bayswater (and which will be perfect for college) and hopefully a dress to wear on a wedding i'm attending in the end of August.Maybe a few more other things too,but i'll see when time comes.

I have 39 followers,i could scream with happyness,for real,and i already have my giveaway offer,ready to photograph and to post around here.Let's see if i can make it to the 50 followers,ok? Will you please help? ^^


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So,this is the little something i have been planning for the last couple days. Even knowing it's strictly directed to portuguese bloggers only i'll write this entry in English,just for the fact that if any of you know a good portuguese blog that needs more love you're welcome to suggest it. =)

My idea is basically make a list with all the great portuguese blogs that exist around. Fashion,personal,random,anything you like kind of blogs. I have been finding more and more fantastic places that belong to fellow compatriots of mine and that need a lot more exposure because they are definitely worth watching.

In this way, to all of you portuguese bloggers i open up this post for you to suggest your blog or any other ones you know.As soon as i have enough material i'll do a post presenting each and every one of you,linking and telling people to go see your places. I think it's a fairly good way to help each other getting more followers and people loving what we do.

Hoping you like this idea as much as i do. You're welcome to suggest anything else,even alterations or just something random that crosses your thoughts.


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So,i come with something i wanted to talk with you for a while,and it's nail stamping.
Some of you may have alrady heard about this,for others this may be a whole new term,but it's actually nothing scary or barbaric,it's actually something quit easy to do and it gives your nails a whole new level of beauty and fun,as long as you have the right tools to work with.

If you google it,the first name that will show off is Konad,they have the best and biggest variety of plates that are used to stamping,however,as they are not so easy to find in Portugal i came to find a much cheaper and still equally good solution in the Essence Nail Stamping Kit. Essence products are sold in the pharmacies of Continente and they are an European brand of make-up that's actually quite ship and has a very good quality. I got my Nail Stamping Kit for less then 4€,and it comes with the stamper, a scraper and a plate with some different images.
However i find that Essence lacks on variety when it comes to extra plates,which you can buy separately, so i'll be trying to buy myself some Konad plates around the internet or so,i have been seeing quite a few images i would like to try.

Below is an easy tutorial i found around YouTube and that can easily help you to understand better of what i'm talking about. =D

One thing i make different from the girl in the video,is that i don't use the q-tips, instead I wait 'til the end and clean the excess with a nail polish corrector pencil. I got this one, also from Essence, and it coasted me 3€,including 3 tips to subsitute.It's acetone free and has a slight cherry odor.

I hope you found this little tip of beauty helpful,i surely found my nails to be a lot more fun when i started using this method,instead of using plain colors only!


♥photo by me

P.S.: I'll get back around,later or tomorrow to talk with you about something i'm planning to do soon. Also,thanks so much for the amount of comments i got in my last post and the new followers,you guys got me overwhelmed and feeling so great!!!

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Red and Blue Stripes over White Two Pieces Swimwear - Modalfa (i think)
Turtle Frame Brown Shades -
Basic White Tank Top - Modalfa
Black Belt - C&A
Red and White Striped Skirt - Primark
Flip Flops - Nike

Well,beach photos and outfit,because that's where i spent today's afternoon. =)

Summer time means this,the good hours of sitting out in the beach,under the sun,swimming (when possible) and having fun,as it happened today.
Right now i have a tan,a weird one and that i strongly deslike because my skin is all sorts of,well, spotted.I have stains over my skin,even with scrubs and +50 SPF and i don't like it that much,but i guess i will have to live with it.

In one other note.I have been busy,and when i mean busy i mean i had to cancel going out with my best friend twice this weak because i'm either super tired or i have a lot of things to do,or even i feel sick (headaches,ear aches and such) and i really don't like it. A while back i would rant about not having a 'real life' now i rant because my real life doesn't leave me a spare moment to go out with him.

College applications started on Tuesday and i might go to apply to my main choices tomorrow,but it all depends on how long my grandfather's optical surgery will take,as i need my mother to come with me to make the application. I'm 20,but still i may need something and i better have a mum in hand,right? Lol.

If you haven't seen it,please so and vote and comment on my giveaway idea,i would love to hear what you have to say.Also taking the oppurtunity to thank all of you who voted and commented, it really gave a general idea of what i'm getting in my giveaway and also thanks to everyone who has been joining! =D
Keep spreading the word,cause as faster we reach the 50 followers,the sooner the giveaway will come (even after the 50 followers,possibly,as i stated).


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Well,this is an idea i have been having ever since i have seen it all over blogs that i love and i find it a rather interesting way to show off my appreciation and love for the ones that follow me. Right now i have 25,yes 25 amazing followers and i hope that soon i'll have more.
I have been thinking of going for my first giveaway once i reach the 50 followers,or maybe less,but first i would want your opinion about what i could prize you with.

What kind of giveway would you be interested in?
Hair Accessories
Others (please spicify in comment)

So,leave me with your vote,comment and talk about it.I would like to know what you think about this.I would appreciate it a lot. =D


Btw,also leaving a note on a giveaway that the fantastic Pearls,Lace and Ruffles is making in her blog.Go there and check it out,not only because the prizes are amazing,but also because you'll love this blog as much as I do.I can guarantee that!

Hello everyone!
Today i come to talk about...fashion! Yes,fashion. One thing i love,for real,and that i wish i could talk more about here in my blog and which i haven't done yet,or not in the way it should be done,so, this is my start on it, and who knows if my little place turns into a fashion blog? It would be fun.

Fatshion! Some of you may know about it,some others may not. I just came to get familiar with this term very recently even if my whole life i have been plus size (well,since i was 4/5).
It's important for people to understand that fashion is not something that is a size 0 only, or that only skinny girls are fashionable or even look good in fashionable clothes and that all rest of the 'normal' women, which are like 90% of the entire world female population can't go into fashion. That's so wrong,and you know it,or you should know it!

I love fashion,i do,and i love to buy clothes that make me feel pretty and nice, even if they are big size and not all of them fit me as awesome as they could.We all have different shapes and even small sized girls can't pull certain look that a more curvy girl can.

A few years back i found it difficult to find good clothes for my size,it was hard as i wanted to fit up to 3 sizes down from what i wear but lately i find that more and more stores get into big sizes and that's a good thing. It shows that they are finally aware that many women look for fashion in sizes that are over 8 or 10 (talking in UK sizes,even if i'm Portugese.lol).

H&M,Primark,Asos,Forever 21 and a lot more of other stores where we love to buy, create plus sized clothes and even plus size lines that are for big girls only and that,my dears,is fantastic.

Red Framed Shades - H&M
Basic white tee - Paul Costelloe
White and Red Striped Skirt - Primark
Light Pink Tights - Primark
Light Pink Shoes - Blanco

This is me, a photo taken last Saturday. At each day that goes by i get to love my body more and more just as it is,
with all the curves,the chunky tights,all the things that make me a big girl but still doesn't take away my beauty.
At the age of 20 i came to accept myself in away that i was never capable of doing before and i'm so glad i could finally do that.

Yesterday i went to the beach,i wore a bikini and didn't felt self-conscious because looking around i saw so many girls like me,and they were not afraid of showing themselves either,so,why should I?

Now that you know about this go ahead and spread the word if you want.
Either you are a size 0,16 or 28 you're beautiful and you need that confidence in yourself.
If it's cute,you deserve to have it on you.If you feel comfortable go ahead and be daring.Be fashionable,be small,medium or big,be amazing,because that's what fashion is about,feeling good with ourselves.

And now to end in glory, 4 of the most lovely Fatshion Bloggers i have been following.

♥ meme taken from Lely at New Romantic

- If I were a season, I’d be Spring.
- If I were a month, I’d be April.
- If I were a day of the week, I’d be Saturday.
- If I were a time of day, I’d be Midnight.
- If I were a planet, I’d be Jupiter.
- If I were a direction, I’d be Up.
- If I were a tree, I’d be a Weeping Willow.
- If I were a flower, I’d be a Tulip.
- If I were a fruit, I’d be a Strawberry.
- If I were a land animal, I’d be a Horse.
- If I were a sea animal, I’d be a Golden Fish.
- If I were a bird, I’d be an Owl.
- If I were a piece of furniture, I’d be a Bookcase.
- If I were a liquid, I’d be Water (so i could make coffee).
- If I were a stone, I’d be a Ruby.
- If I were a tool, I’d be Ink.
- If I were a kind of weather, I’d be Cold and Sunny.
- If I were a musical instrument, I’d be a Piano.
- If I were a colour, I’d be Blue.
- If I were a facial expression, I’d be a Smile.
- If I were an emotion, I’d be Happyness.
- If I were a sound, I’d be Rain.
- If I were an element, I’d be Fire.
- If I were a car, I’d be a Porsche or VW.
- If I were a food, I’d be Pasta.
- If I were a place, I’d be the Seaside.
- If I were a flavour, I’d be Bittersweet.
- If I were a scent, I’d be Rain.
- If I were an object, I’d be Paper.
- If I were a body part, I’d be the Neck.
- If I were a song, I’d be "Iris" by Goo Goo Dolls.
- If I were a pair of shoes, I’d be a Pair of Black Louboutin Pumps.
- If I were transportation, I’d be a bycicle.
- If I were a cartoon, I’d be Bunny/Sailor Moon.
- If I were a fairy tale, I’d be Beauty and the Beast.
- If I were a holiday, I’d be Christmas.
- If I were a superhero, I’d be Batman or in this case Batwoman.

I tag: Everyone!!! For serious.=)

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a large, round or oblong, edible fruit with a hard, green rind and sweet, juicy, pink or red pulp containing many seeds
the widely cultivated, tropical African trailing vine (Citrullus lanatus) of the gourd family, on which it grows

One of my favourite Summer fruits,if not my ultimate favorite. It's red,juicy,sweet,fresh,has loads of water and is soooo light and has almost no calories. How perfect is it? Seriouly.
I love fruit,love it,love it,love it.

What's your favourite summer fruit?

♥ photo by me.

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