Calling out all Portuguese Bloggers!!!


So,this is the little something i have been planning for the last couple days. Even knowing it's strictly directed to portuguese bloggers only i'll write this entry in English,just for the fact that if any of you know a good portuguese blog that needs more love you're welcome to suggest it. =)

My idea is basically make a list with all the great portuguese blogs that exist around. Fashion,personal,random,anything you like kind of blogs. I have been finding more and more fantastic places that belong to fellow compatriots of mine and that need a lot more exposure because they are definitely worth watching.

In this way, to all of you portuguese bloggers i open up this post for you to suggest your blog or any other ones you know.As soon as i have enough material i'll do a post presenting each and every one of you,linking and telling people to go see your places. I think it's a fairly good way to help each other getting more followers and people loving what we do.

Hoping you like this idea as much as i do. You're welcome to suggest anything else,even alterations or just something random that crosses your thoughts.


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