Oh my,3 days,3 posts! Seriously,me? Yes,starting to love my blog way too much,but that's not a bad thing,right? ^^

Anyhow,just a quick OOTD.Pulled this for going lunch at grandma and nothing else,i took it all out as soon as i was home,it seems fresh,but with the weather as it's,hothothot,the only thing you want to wear is like...nothing.Not that i'm not wearing nothing,but i'm in less clothes then the ones in the photos.

I can't pose for nice pictures,mostly when i'm using a public area of the building and someone can appear at any moment,i just feel all sorts of akward ,you know?

I just hope you like this! Giveaway coming soon,as soon as i hit 50 followers,or less. ^^


♥ all photos by me

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