Just a little shopping


Nothing much to say actually. Personal life has been complicated lately and summer is not helping much,i feel lonely most of the time and this extremely hot weather is not helping.Anyhow i'm not here to talk about my personal life,right? ^^

Last Saturday i had this plan to go to a rock concert of a awesome national band,but luckly my plans were canceled and i ended in the mall with my mother and i can only thank god we did because otherwise i would never found the great pair of jeans i found at Primark,which coast 3€ only.Yes people,3€.I was like 'are you serious?'.

Along with the jeans i got this pretty bow necklace,the pink jazz shoes i have been eyeing for a while now and new pair of black leggings as my other ones are dying due to excessive wear.
I don't have photos of the jeans yet,but as soon as i put them on i promise to do a OOTD with them.

I had not much money with me but i saw some things i want to buy next. A fantastic cameo necklace,some others ones i loved around,a bag that resembles the Mulberry Bayswater (and which will be perfect for college) and hopefully a dress to wear on a wedding i'm attending in the end of August.Maybe a few more other things too,but i'll see when time comes.

I have 39 followers,i could scream with happyness,for real,and i already have my giveaway offer,ready to photograph and to post around here.Let's see if i can make it to the 50 followers,ok? Will you please help? ^^


♥all photos by me

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