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New post! Oh god,i'm getting more and more and more in love with my blog in each day that goes by.I find this place as my little therapy sometimes,my runaway from real life,problems and this absurdly boring summer i'm living.

So,i come with a wishlist,a little one.Not too cheap,but not impossible to afford.I guess that having a wedding in the end of August i'm starting to study some possibilites of what to wear.I mostly need a dress,as i have enough shoes and bags to wear in that day.

This would never be my first choice for the wedding, as my mum would never let me pay a grand total of 116,37€ for an outfit for a wedding,even if i would then wear the pieces in every day life.

So,what do you think? What is your wishlist? What can you tell me about wedding outfits?


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