I came with this idea that i think to be a good one.I'll be soon adding a few pages to my blog and i do believe that a FAQ section could be a good idea. I know the blog is still small but there is always question you may want to see answered,so this is your chance to ask anything you wish and that i may get to include in the FAQ section.

Now go ahead and ask whatever your heart desires,i will love to answer you!

(click the images to see large size)
Pink Dress with Ruffles - H&M
Nude Gladiator Sandals - Primark
Pink Sneakers - Primark
Big Silver and Pink Ring - Parfois
Rose,Heart and Bow Hair Pins - Primark
'White' Fragance - Zara


First of all,a huge sorry for the bad quality of the pictures above,specially the dress one.I don't know what is wrong with the light lately,but i don't seem quite skilled to use it correctly for some reason.That and the fact that i have blue curtains now as i had to put the other ones to wash and so on.
So,the dress is from H&M,it coasted 30€ but it was a final sale for 7€.It was perfect from the moment my mother showed it to me,so she bought me this one to use at the wedding we are having next week.It's fresh,proper for the party and included ruffles,pink and an amazing fabric,which i love.
Both sandals and sneakers are from Primark and coasted 1€ each.Seriously,1€! The sandals used to coast 9€,now i got this super deal for 1€.I'm still astonished.
The hair pins are also from Primark,they are so pretty,right???
Ring is from Parfois,it's huge and i love it!
And the fragance called 'White' is from Zara,i love how it smells even if i rarely user perfumes,but liked this one so much that mum got it for me.=)

This is all for today!!!!

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A little OOTD,nothing fancy.Just went out to the mall with my mum and little brother and pulled this on as it was fresh and easy to wear. Shoot by sweet brother once again!
Had a really nice day today,mostly because some RL issues are being solved and because of shopping,where i got a ring for myself and mum also bought me a dress for the wedding i'm having in 2 weeks and a perfume! I promise to do some pictures tomorrow during day light!

Pink Flower Headband - H&M
Brown Turtle Frame Shades - Parfois
White Imperial Cut Long Top - H&M
Under Top - Cadena
Dark Straigh Leg Jeans - Primark
Black Shoulder Bag - Primark
Pink Peep Toe Flats - Blanco


Just here for a short OOTD post! Photo was taken just before heading out to lunch, it was quick snap (thank you little brother) so there's nothing right about this photo,mostly the lightning,which i had to try to fix around Photoshop.
The my favourite part of my OOTD has to be the beautiful flower headband i bought in H&M while my trip to Braga. Yes,i forgot to mention i went for a little shopping and got a headband and a tuque/knitted cap in grey for winter time!


Yesterday was the International Youth Day, and to celebrate most museums and various public transports,among others,gave out free travels and visits to people between 13 and 25 years old. In this way, alongside my brother and bff Marco, we headed north to this city called Braga. It's a beautiful place,filled with old style buildings,culture and a very intense heat. We went out in the early morning and came out in the middle of the afternoon,spending one amazing day travelling around town,visting museums and other place like that.

We visited the Cathedral, the Congregados Church,Biscaínhos Palace/Museum,New City Gate,Raio Palace,Santa Barbara Garden,and other ones.

10 was just a small coffee where i got astonished with the outside furniture when i wanted to sit just for the sake of cutenes.

I also had my first official cupcake (besides the ones i did before at home).I bought it over Pingo Doce,it coasted me 75c and it was delicious.Chocolate cake with chocolate and cream top.
Also we found this coffee shop that sells a lot of coffee beverages and others that is so similar to Starbucks and that actually was founded on the city next to the one where i live,which means i can get more beverages like the one we had in Braga and that was a delicous Coffè Frappé.

Now the OOTD. ^^

(click the image to see large size)
Light Pink Summer Dress - Primark
Black Leggings - Primark
Black Shoulder Bag - Primark
Light Pink Jazz Shoes - Primark
Gold and Black Bow Pendant Necklace - Primark
(yes,Primark from head to toe.Excessive,ah?Lol.)

And,well,i could talk a lot more about my great day,but what if you ask about it? I can always answer and we can have a small chit-chat!!!

Chocolate cupcakes!

Delicious Caffè Frappé from Armazem do Caffè

Beatiful places with gardens and old buildings.

Outfit post and friends... ♥


As i had plenty of free time today I had the time to make the list of the participants and choose the winner using random.org .

So,in this way i would like to announce


as then winner of the 50 followers giveaway!


To all of you who participated,i can only thank you so much for doing so.Don't be sad that you didn't win,there will be plenty more oppurtunities in the future,as i'm planning to do more giveaways on my blog!

I am also posting the list i used for random.org,so all of you can be sure that the process was all clear.I know that there's no distrust between us,but i like to keep it crystal clear to all of you.

(click the images to see large size)

Tank top with bow pattern and ruffles/lace/buttons chest - Primark
Sweetheart necklace tank top with lace and ruffles - Primark
3/4 Sleeves light pink dress - Primark
Old pink pullover - Pull and Bear
Black flats with golden chains - Primark


There's something with women and sales,right? It's like a genetic thing.I am not saying all women,but, a great majority,love sales.It's weird,but we just can't stop it,unless we are totally broken,which is at this point nearly my case.However this last few pieces were a little present from mum and dad,which is always a good thing to get.

And then,there's sales and Primark,and you just get lost in all the things that coast 1€,2€ and 3€,and you go crazy and want to get everything.Then it happens for you to see this amazing dress with 75% the original price,that you have been eyeing for month and they just don't have your size and your heart goes broken,but,it's life,i guess.

Now,just for you to be remembered.The 50 Followers Giveaway is open until tomorrow. It's open to international followers so any of you can enter it. So,go,go,go!!!!!

Here it is! My first ever giveaway! 50 followers, 50 people to who i am so incredibly greateful!
There is not much this time,just one item,a little pretty piece of jewellery,which i bought thinking carefully of something that you could like,knowing i would love it myself.

click the images to see large size

Red bow pendant in long silver chain from Primark. The photos are completely faithful to the colors as they are non-edit, none of them,all SOTC, shooted with natural light.

And now you ask 'How can I win'?
♥ The giveaway is open to all the blog followers (sorry if you are not one of them). In this way you get one automatic entry for being a followers, you just need to comment.
♥ Post about the giveaway on either Twitter or Facebook (or both) and get one additional entry(2 entries if you post in both places).
♥ If you make a post/mention in your blog about this giveaway you get TWO entries!

Being a follower: 1 entry
Tweet about the giveaway: 1 entry
Promote on Facebook: 1 entry
Promote on your blog: 2 entries

Now, you just need to comment with your name and e-mail,also link me to your tweet/facebook post/blog post to get the additional entries if you promote.

The 50 followers giveaway ends Wednesday, August 11th at 5pm GMT.




So,i am here with some new things.Yes,i have not gone exactly shopping in the way i wanted, and with that i would mean shopping spree,but every now and then i have been getting a thing or two.

The jeans were the ones i talked about in a previous post.I got them for 3€ over Primark.Mum got them today as i had to send them to have the bottom seams done,as they were a little long.
The first two tees were actually a pack of two that coasted me 3€ too.Dad bought them for me,which was incredibly nice.

And the bag,that damn pretty bag that will be my new college company, was offered to me by mum.Well,sort of,as i had to go out and help her with some work.I did more then what she expected but i am a good daughter and mum needed the help and all of that.It was a tiring day,but it was worth the bag.

Right now,i have 49 followers *goes around screaming with happyness*. One more and i'll have the giveaway.It won't be a huge thing,but for a first time i can only hope you'll like it,for real. =D

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