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Tank top with bow pattern and ruffles/lace/buttons chest - Primark
Sweetheart necklace tank top with lace and ruffles - Primark
3/4 Sleeves light pink dress - Primark
Old pink pullover - Pull and Bear
Black flats with golden chains - Primark


There's something with women and sales,right? It's like a genetic thing.I am not saying all women,but, a great majority,love sales.It's weird,but we just can't stop it,unless we are totally broken,which is at this point nearly my case.However this last few pieces were a little present from mum and dad,which is always a good thing to get.

And then,there's sales and Primark,and you just get lost in all the things that coast 1€,2€ and 3€,and you go crazy and want to get everything.Then it happens for you to see this amazing dress with 75% the original price,that you have been eyeing for month and they just don't have your size and your heart goes broken,but,it's life,i guess.

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