If you try sometimes,you'll get what you need



So,i am here with some new things.Yes,i have not gone exactly shopping in the way i wanted, and with that i would mean shopping spree,but every now and then i have been getting a thing or two.

The jeans were the ones i talked about in a previous post.I got them for 3€ over Primark.Mum got them today as i had to send them to have the bottom seams done,as they were a little long.
The first two tees were actually a pack of two that coasted me 3€ too.Dad bought them for me,which was incredibly nice.

And the bag,that damn pretty bag that will be my new college company, was offered to me by mum.Well,sort of,as i had to go out and help her with some work.I did more then what she expected but i am a good daughter and mum needed the help and all of that.It was a tiring day,but it was worth the bag.

Right now,i have 49 followers *goes around screaming with happyness*. One more and i'll have the giveaway.It won't be a huge thing,but for a first time i can only hope you'll like it,for real. =D

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