Back around with a quick review of a product.I never did this before,reviewing a product,so i'm not so sure of where to start or what to say,but i guess that my opinion on this one may be enough. :)

Mother got me this one in the last days of August.I have been wanting one for way over 2 years,mostly since i went through an incredibly bad emo/scene phase and wanted to straight my hair at every single hour. I was always told not to buy the cheap stuff in those chinese stores and so,that have metalic plates instead of ceramic ones and so i held on and kept holding on until my mother got this brilliant straightner for me!

It was worth the wait,and the price she paid for it.On sales it coasted a little more then 40€,when it usually coasts around 60€,not the cheapest type but the good stuff i can ensure you.
I love the Nano Ceramic Coating and the Digital LCD for temperature setting.
From 120cº to 210cº (cº not fº),i usually use the lower temperature,between 120cº and 150cº and i get amazing results,both for straightning and curling (i have been using this tutorial).

After i use it,i just let it cool down,close it with the lock system on the side and store it again in my bedroom.

What can i say? A really great product,and worth the price,so worth it.I hope it can last for quite a few years cause right now i don't want to get any other one.I think that around Christmas time i'll be looking for some curling irons from Rowenta too,they are usually very good with this kind of devices.

Pink and Black Dress - H&M
Black Pumps - Alex Silva
Black and Golden Clutch - Primark
Flowerly Black Headbang - Zara
Satin Ribbon - Local haberdashery


First of all a huge sorry for disappearing for a while,but i have been all sorts of busy.Today i became an official college student,in the best Fine Arts college in the country,taking the area of Visual Arts - Multimedia,and maybe trying a change to Communication Design in second year.
I received the news a little over midnight on Sunday (yesterday) that i was accepted in it and i was running through the house,crying and screaming.I have been two years fighting for this dream,i ended high school 2 years ago and only now made it in to where i wanted.You can imagine my happiness.

Anyhow,photos above are from the wedding i attended on August 28th.It was a lovely ceremony and after party.I don't like as amazing as i would like because it was incredibly hot and everyone was melting and sweating.I also cut my hair,not much though,but i am back to have a fringe,even knowing i still don't manage it well,so i use it sideways.
The dress,boughth at H&M,is the most comfortable and pretty thing ever.The fabric is light and i love the color,so it was a trully amazing bargain.Lol.
Some mini pics made by the wedding photographer (so little cause i took them from the site,and yes that's my mum,dad and brother) and some of the great food served! Yum!

I don't have much to say this time,but i may be preparing a little review in a fantastic product my mother bought me and that i have wanted for so long, a flat iron.It's the best thing ever,pricy even on sales,but it's sooo worth the investement.

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