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Amazing News + Wedding OOTD

Pink and Black Dress - H&M
Black Pumps - Alex Silva
Black and Golden Clutch - Primark
Flowerly Black Headbang - Zara
Satin Ribbon - Local haberdashery


First of all a huge sorry for disappearing for a while,but i have been all sorts of busy.Today i became an official college student,in the best Fine Arts college in the country,taking the area of Visual Arts - Multimedia,and maybe trying a change to Communication Design in second year.
I received the news a little over midnight on Sunday (yesterday) that i was accepted in it and i was running through the house,crying and screaming.I have been two years fighting for this dream,i ended high school 2 years ago and only now made it in to where i wanted.You can imagine my happiness.

Anyhow,photos above are from the wedding i attended on August 28th.It was a lovely ceremony and after party.I don't like as amazing as i would like because it was incredibly hot and everyone was melting and sweating.I also cut my hair,not much though,but i am back to have a fringe,even knowing i still don't manage it well,so i use it sideways.
The dress,boughth at H&M,is the most comfortable and pretty thing ever.The fabric is light and i love the color,so it was a trully amazing bargain.Lol.
Some mini pics made by the wedding photographer (so little cause i took them from the site,and yes that's my mum,dad and brother) and some of the great food served! Yum!

I don't have much to say this time,but i may be preparing a little review in a fantastic product my mother bought me and that i have wanted for so long, a flat iron.It's the best thing ever,pricy even on sales,but it's sooo worth the investement.


  1. parabens e diverte-te na faculdade! o vestido é lindo! :D

  2. @Lydie
    Obrigada!!!! ^^ Tenho a certeza que me vou divertir.

    Thank you!! =D


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