I'm making one incredibly quick and short post just to wish you all one happy and spooky Halloween,either you celebrate it or not.
I'm staying home,with my crazy make-up and with loads of candies and horror movies, having a party via Skype with loads of people who,alongside me,are participating on the NaNoWriMo of this year,

Have fun!!!



Found this so incredible list on Lely's New Romantic blog and i
just thought i had to do something in the exact same style,because it's just amazing.

-Coffee during cold winter days (and during all year too)
-Feeling ink over my skin,my hands,my arms,even my face as i paint
-Receiving letters and postcards
-An unexpected hug from someone i love
-Breakfast in bed
-Family time together (like lunches and holidays)
-Reading a book i just can't put down
-Being with my best friend
-Playing with my dog
-Sitting down and watching the rain or a pretty storm
-That place up North called 'Estorãos'
-Great food/baking/cooking
-Watching my football team play and win
-Staying warm in bed during rainy days
-Going to a park and sit in the grass barefoot
-Reading comments on my blog
-Listening to music that remind me of sweet memories and moments

What about you? What are the things you love?


One new quick post about....drums...fake eye lashes!
Oh yes,those fakies that can make you look either super adorable and sexy or terrible,if you apply them all wrong and what not,i guess you know.

I had never tried them before, and today i bought a pair from Essence for 2€.

They come with the tray,a pair of lashes a little bottle of glue that is surely enough for multiple uses as you just use one tiny amount of it every time you use and re-use your fakies.

I wasn't sure if they were any good but surprise,surprise when i find them to be super smooth and they are easy to apply and what not,it may take you some 10 minutes or so in your first try because you'll want to make sure everything is placed right and you will need to trim some of the lashes off in case they are too big for your lids.

If you need one amazing tutorial,and was the one i use, Miss Jessica Harlow on YouTube have this amazing one. The nearly 10 minutes long video is worth so you know how to apply,remove and clean your lashes so you can re-use them and won't in any case damage your skin or anything else,it's important that you follow the right steps.

So,this was it.A quick tip for all of you out there,who like me,always wondered about using fake eyelashes and want an opinion on those.
Go for it girls,i'm sure you won't regret it!


Back for a short little post and this one is something new to me and to the blog.
I have seen so many other bloggers posting about runway fashion and i decided to do something on myself and with my favourite dress designer,the amazing and probably very obvious,Elie Saab.

I have been following his work since 2005,amazed since the first photo i saw of his creations,and when my prom came in 2008 i got strongly inspired by his creations,even knowing my actual dress was a hell lot different because of the short time my dressmaker had to do it and the fact that my mother bought the wrong color and so on,still i love his work and i know that one day i'll have to own one of his creations, even if i only get married for the sake of wearing one from his bridal line.

So, Spring/Summer 2011 by Elie Saab,presented at the Runway of Paris Fashion Week,

Most stunning colors,so romantic,pale,and so feminie.The shapes,the way the fabric flows and how everything looks so tremendously elegant,fashionable and ethereal.
Don't you just want to own one or all of the pieces above?
Dresses 5 and 6, in coral and nude, caught my heart and i can't stop staring at those master pieces.

Thank you,Mr.Saab for making every woman,including myself,drool over pieces we don't think we can ever afford,if we have a normal life.

What do you think? Thoughts,critics? Who is your favourite designer?
When it comes to dresses and not only? Share,talk,comment!

Hello,my sweeties!

It has been so long since my last post,and i have a good reason,the usual real life.
Mine has been chaotic,so full,going from 7am to 7pm literally,and the remain time does not even let any space for blogging,just work,drawing,taking care of home stuff and so on,and i miss this place and i miss all of you,i trully do. Each and every one of you holds a special place in my heart so that's why i always want to come back,and even now i'm doing one great effort to be here,cause i'm dead tired and still have too cook dinner and i need to get up at 7am tomorrow for one other day full of college.

However,i don't mind this part of being busy,all in all i fought two entire years to enter this college and i made it,and everytime i walk through those big old door i feel like i completed a dream,i held to a goal and i got it,and i'm proud!

Other then that,i don't know if there's much to say,i haven't done much,i have not shopped for over a whole month,not couting with a book and stuff for school,and that's basically that.
Don't even ask for OOTDs cause my face lately is like,i don't even know,i always look tired and most days my style is more comfortable then fashion,still stylish,but more on the comfort side,trust me,it's impossible to go around all pretty and what not and hold to it a whole day,i tried and it didn't work.

I think that from now on i'll follow up with the ideas from a very good friend,Lely,and make smaller posts,like inspirational quotes,and pretty photos i found around,after all i don't see this place as a style/fashion blog but more like a lifestyle blog so i can fit everything in here,right?

How have you all been doing??? Please tell me!

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