One very quick post to wish you all a Happy New Year.
I do believe some of you may have already entered 2011, well, I am still enjoying 2010 and waiting for the midnight to come, in something as 8 hours and a few minutes.
As I don't actually believe I will have time to actually come around and post I am leaving it right here and right now. =D
My wished are the same as all the other ones that surround you: happiness, health, joy. All of that and a great cup of fashion and love!!!

Best wishes and may 2011 rock!!!

Hello lovelies!
I am about to write a very frustrated entry, but it's entirely my fault and you'll understand why!
Let me just start out with: even if you go to a shop during sales and the line for trying rooms go all way around it and you're not sure about somethig,get yourself in line and try it,don't bring it home because you might have one huge heart break!

So,both of the soooo very gorgeous dresses above are from H&M. The first I have seen it some two months back, actually shown by my mother and I thought to myself that it was what i wanted to wear for New Year's Eve (I have this thing that I love to wear new dresses on this night).
Well, I waited for sales to come, that started out two days ago and this afternoon I got myself down to H&M, and even knowing it was one huge mess I could still find it and it was 20€, some 5€ off.I walked around some half a hour with it in my arm until I saw the second one which was actually 15€, down from 30€, so I grabbed that one instead, in a fairly big size 46 (UK16), that's what I wear in dresses and sometimes even less,and seeing the huge line for trying it I decided to walk and pay for it. All good, until i get home and get myself inside it. Thing is the prettyyyy dress to die for fit in every single chubby part of me, legs, butt, belly, but the one part where I am like bones and skin (ribs area), the dress decided it would not close. You cannot imagine my frustration trying to zip it,squeezing myself, jumping...I am so sad right now and tomorrow morning I am getting up early and going all the way down to downtown H&M to return this cutie and hopefully (I AM PRAYING THAT THEY STILL HAVE IT) get the other one, even if it coasts 5€ more.

Conclusion, I should have gone with my first option and I should have tried it on the store instead of now having to go there twice.
Oh well,I guess I learnt my lesson, so please dear bloggers, do the same, don't fall in this stupid mistake, either the piece will be bigger or smaller in you, you want the right fit!


Well,as a girl that likes to follow up with fashion, as probably most of you, I love to always go looking around for the next season must-haves and collections. What I am about to show may not be news to most of you but still i decided to gather some images of the upcoming Spring/Summer 2011 collections of two main stores I love:
Primark and H&M
(Blanco is yet to come when I get to find it).

I must say I was in imediate wow in the second i laid eyes on this photos above. For some reason the Autumn/Winter collection of Primark did not do great wonders for me (at least in the only shop I have around), but I am really praying to all saints that I will be available to land a hand i at least some of the items above becaue they are all things i would wear, well expect for the lenght of the last dress and skirt in second image, but I learnt to never say never again when it comes to fashion.
I love how they managed to gather four of my favourite colors and tones: red,blue,white and pink/nude!
I also will need those two hats that show up, they had no boater hats in our store this year and I was incredibly sad for that, for some reason it seems that part of fashion takes one year to arrive in Portugal (like the red berets that I wanted last year and I had to run through all the stores to find one).
Not saying much more, just look at the images, they are pure eye candy and I can't actually wait for Spring to come!

Starting out to say that I believe most stores this year are betting on the earth like tones, H&M being one of them and I don't actually mind it as I am the sort of girl who likes to run through all tones when it comes to clothes and I am pleased with what i see. I love most pieces but i would certainly combine them in different ways as some models look to have a more mature look, not for the tones but the outfits they are using, maybe it would all look very different in a more day-to-day context, but still, I guess I will just wait to see what comes out in the stores, they always have such a huge variety and they have the 'teen' section where you can also find more spicy and colorful pieces.

And this is all for now.
What do you think of the collections, which are the items you want and believe to be indispensable in the upcoming season?


Three posts in one day? Wow, really love vacations and I am sincerely expecting you're not yet tired of me but I wanted to end up the day with posting the Christmas Presents I got.
Not much, but Santa was good to me as I was a really nice girl this year, you know it's true!!!

A Belkin Sleeve in Green and Brown and a Primark Magenta with White Polka Dots Robe. Both from my parents.You may say it's not much, but we got for the four of us a collective family gift, well, dad did, and it's a 40' Toshiba TV Screen, HD included, all nice, new and shiny, perfect to stay nights and days watching movies and series.

Purple Pen from Cristian Lay with my name on it, plus some money from my uncle,aunt and cousins.

Zara Lefties T-Shirt with Bows and the brown fake leather bag (Mulberry look-a-like) from Blanco, from my sweet,sweet, little brother.

"New" laptop. It belonged to dad for a while but has he needed something new I decided to take on it instead of getting a brand new one for me as this one is in perfect conditions and I really love myself a good Toshiba.
Notice the Rolling Stones and NaNoWriMo stickers,hell yeah!!!

Two little gift i got for myself. A small purse/clutch from Primark and a set of stationary from Miffy (got it at Women'Secret). Also,I got myself this sweet baby, you know i'm a hardcore nerd sometimes.

Plus: Money,chocolates,sweets,and super sweet cards!

On Monday, knowing Blanco was with a 50% off sale right before Sales season i decided to head downtown and then to the mall with my brother and ended up with the lovely Blanco hat I had been lusting for since last week, a pair of ruffled black socks, this super nice suede heels and this beautiful skirt, from both Primark. I did purchase something else too, but it's not yet photographed. One thing at the time, lovelies, one thing at the time!

Some of you must be right now whispering a 'finally!', some of you may not even remember i have been since July or so wanting to do this but never got my hands down to work until now.
Here stays the post for all the amazing Portuguese Bloggers and my dear national mates, because trust me when I say that this country has some amazing potential and you can see it in every little space from this bloggers!!!

Bacafuzadas Insalsaveis , run by the very dear Daniela, also owner of the fantastic 1st Days of Spring and a magnificent fashion and David Fonseca lover! I can promise you that this blog fills anyone with inspiration and she is one amazing sweet person, you won't regret to go and read her blog,I can almost ensure you will be addicted after a couple posts.

Andreia runs the beautiful and inspirational Glimmer Le Blonde. Photos from her world, fashion, inspiration. I am sure most of your follow her, but if you don't know her fantastic blog I strongly recommend you to pass by there...like,right now!

Kiss me Quick is run by two amazing girls that make my swon every time i go through their blog, and that actually are from my town, which makes me go crazy seeing all of their photos, thinking Ihave been through all of those places but still seing everything through their images makes me feel like it's a whole different world. Fabulous, delicious photography!

Artology run by the sweet Rafaela, is one of the best places you can browse.Not only she's my friend but she also is one of the coolest bloggers you can get to meet. Her sense of fashion and everything else is astonishing and now i'll make her promise to have post one million outfits by the end of 2015!

(In) Sane is a very neat and pretty blog that belongs to Salomé and Ana. You can find from outfits posts to every day life images that will make you smile just from staring at them and see that in one way or the other we are not so different at all from each others.

Cinnamon Eve is the blog of a 22 years old sweet Portuguese girl, who also happens to be a dentist to be, Batman,Vinil Records and Dinossaurs lover. Who said that geeks can't be chic and fabulous? You don't believe? Go there and your argument will be forever invalid!

Lazy Daisy looks like your regular vintage lover but so much into technology that you never lack a post that you may be looking for around her blog. Tutorials, outfit posts, a whole lot of images from everything you can imagine and so much more!

Cat is the cute face behind Who Wants to Be Chic?. This girls breaths fashion and cuteness overlaod. Looking for a fine blog with a very nice person responsible for it? You found Cat,now go and see her world!

Ana Encarnação will do without any presentation once you get to see her blog, if you haven't already. She makes the most beautiful jewellery, her photos will make you want to buy everything and her blog looks like a candy shop to me, you want to see, touch and nearly taste everything! How can that combination go wrong?

Uma Vez Não Chega is one of those simple blogs with a load of inspirational images that will make you go page after page wanting to see more and more, making up stories in your head through what you see. (image in the banner above is from the dear Rafa from Artology).

1. What do you think of The Paper and Ink?

2. What should be changed? Design (is it too full? too neat and simple? i need more things?)?

3. When should I do a new giveaway? And what should be my giveaway about?

4. What do you want to see more around the blog?

5. Which are your favourite blogs?

6. Any other recommendations? Thoughts? Suggestions? Anything goes here, seriously.


I don't have much time on my hands right now,i have been busy through the entire day, from
cooking/baking to last minute shopping i've been looking like a busy bee, so here stays my very short and quick post just to wish you all some very Happy Holidays (because not all of us celebrate Christmas).
May this day and all the others in your life be merry and full of love,because that's what we trully need.

Much,much love,
A new look for The Paper and Ink.
It may still need a few retouches but i think it's going in a quit nice direction.
What do you think?
Header is interactive,thanks college for learning me how to do a couple tricks.

Hello, lovelies!!!

It's almost Christmas time and also time for me to come with another big apology for the so long absense from the blog and almost the entire blogosphere.
College, as most of you may know, can keep a girl busy and when coming home at the end of a tiring day with still so many works to be done, you can imagine that the one thing that one wants is to rest, just turn off completely and sleep. I am obviously no different from the rest so i have been neglecting my little space around here.
It all comes that in one week from now i will be on the so deserved Christmas vacations, and with still works to do and studies to be done for a History of Art exam on January 7th, i will have plenty more time to do a little more blogging, a few alterations and maybe a couple surprises, after all we are in that magical time of the year

Now let's get to much more interesting things, not many as i do not want to overwhelm you with all the things going on that could actually have some interest.

My Christmas Wishlist, right below. Every year mother asks both me and my brother for a list of things we would like to receive as gifts, so this year i became a little more daring and did something much prettier, with images, prices and places where things can be bought, rather then making a dull long list.

(click the image to see large size)

Very much resonable, right? I kept out all the expensive things i would love to have but i know that i won't be getting, that said i of course mean a new camera, a trip to London (and other places), driver's license, amoung others.

I think this will be it, at least for now.I have a couple more things in mind but i will leave them for other posts, i mean, i don't want to come out with everything in one go and then fall down into the same mistake i have been doing and not post a thing at all. I prefer to have a lot of material and spread it around wisely. You know what i mean?

Now, what are your Christmas wishes? Do you celebrate it? You don't? Tell me all about it, you have no idea up to where my thirst for knowledge can go!!


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