Christmas Presents


Three posts in one day? Wow, really love vacations and I am sincerely expecting you're not yet tired of me but I wanted to end up the day with posting the Christmas Presents I got.
Not much, but Santa was good to me as I was a really nice girl this year, you know it's true!!!

A Belkin Sleeve in Green and Brown and a Primark Magenta with White Polka Dots Robe. Both from my parents.You may say it's not much, but we got for the four of us a collective family gift, well, dad did, and it's a 40' Toshiba TV Screen, HD included, all nice, new and shiny, perfect to stay nights and days watching movies and series.

Purple Pen from Cristian Lay with my name on it, plus some money from my uncle,aunt and cousins.

Zara Lefties T-Shirt with Bows and the brown fake leather bag (Mulberry look-a-like) from Blanco, from my sweet,sweet, little brother.

"New" laptop. It belonged to dad for a while but has he needed something new I decided to take on it instead of getting a brand new one for me as this one is in perfect conditions and I really love myself a good Toshiba.
Notice the Rolling Stones and NaNoWriMo stickers,hell yeah!!!

Two little gift i got for myself. A small purse/clutch from Primark and a set of stationary from Miffy (got it at Women'Secret). Also,I got myself this sweet baby, you know i'm a hardcore nerd sometimes.

Plus: Money,chocolates,sweets,and super sweet cards!

On Monday, knowing Blanco was with a 50% off sale right before Sales season i decided to head downtown and then to the mall with my brother and ended up with the lovely Blanco hat I had been lusting for since last week, a pair of ruffled black socks, this super nice suede heels and this beautiful skirt, from both Primark. I did purchase something else too, but it's not yet photographed. One thing at the time, lovelies, one thing at the time!

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