Portuguese Bloggers!

Some of you must be right now whispering a 'finally!', some of you may not even remember i have been since July or so wanting to do this but never got my hands down to work until now.
Here stays the post for all the amazing Portuguese Bloggers and my dear national mates, because trust me when I say that this country has some amazing potential and you can see it in every little space from this bloggers!!!

Bacafuzadas Insalsaveis , run by the very dear Daniela, also owner of the fantastic 1st Days of Spring and a magnificent fashion and David Fonseca lover! I can promise you that this blog fills anyone with inspiration and she is one amazing sweet person, you won't regret to go and read her blog,I can almost ensure you will be addicted after a couple posts.

Andreia runs the beautiful and inspirational Glimmer Le Blonde. Photos from her world, fashion, inspiration. I am sure most of your follow her, but if you don't know her fantastic blog I strongly recommend you to pass by there...like,right now!

Kiss me Quick is run by two amazing girls that make my swon every time i go through their blog, and that actually are from my town, which makes me go crazy seeing all of their photos, thinking Ihave been through all of those places but still seing everything through their images makes me feel like it's a whole different world. Fabulous, delicious photography!

Artology run by the sweet Rafaela, is one of the best places you can browse.Not only she's my friend but she also is one of the coolest bloggers you can get to meet. Her sense of fashion and everything else is astonishing and now i'll make her promise to have post one million outfits by the end of 2015!

(In) Sane is a very neat and pretty blog that belongs to Salomé and Ana. You can find from outfits posts to every day life images that will make you smile just from staring at them and see that in one way or the other we are not so different at all from each others.

Cinnamon Eve is the blog of a 22 years old sweet Portuguese girl, who also happens to be a dentist to be, Batman,Vinil Records and Dinossaurs lover. Who said that geeks can't be chic and fabulous? You don't believe? Go there and your argument will be forever invalid!

Lazy Daisy looks like your regular vintage lover but so much into technology that you never lack a post that you may be looking for around her blog. Tutorials, outfit posts, a whole lot of images from everything you can imagine and so much more!

Cat is the cute face behind Who Wants to Be Chic?. This girls breaths fashion and cuteness overlaod. Looking for a fine blog with a very nice person responsible for it? You found Cat,now go and see her world!

Ana Encarnação will do without any presentation once you get to see her blog, if you haven't already. She makes the most beautiful jewellery, her photos will make you want to buy everything and her blog looks like a candy shop to me, you want to see, touch and nearly taste everything! How can that combination go wrong?

Uma Vez Não Chega is one of those simple blogs with a load of inspirational images that will make you go page after page wanting to see more and more, making up stories in your head through what you see. (image in the banner above is from the dear Rafa from Artology).

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Sou uma fotógrafa de profissão, louca por viagens e sempre com demasiadas opiniões para dar. 
Este é o meu blog no qual escrevo desde 2009 e ele já mudou tanto quanto eu mudei ao longo destes últimos, quase, 10 anos.