Here it comes, The Paper and Ink second giveaway and this time it's doubled. Yes! Not one, but two lucky followes will get the chance to get the hand on a prize.
Why? Well, let me show you!

Primark Patterned Tights
It's to be known that i am in love with all the things i got to by over Primark. They are very much resistant, they come in a huge variety and plus, they are amazingly afforable. So, dear followers here's one of my lovely choices to you. This black tights with a cute pattern just to you.
The tights come in L/XL size and you can see the indications in the background.

Now,for those who don't fit into the size of this thights i bring you this...
Essence Pure Skin - 2in1 Anti-Spot Coverstick Pen
Well, i can't talk much about it myself,as i have not tried this one product, but i thought it would be great for a giveaway. I hope to hear good reviews from this one so i can get my hands in one of those if you think i should. Essence is for me one of the greatest make-up brands i found, not only it's very much affordable, also their products are from a very good quality (never have to complain about a single product from the ones i got) and plus, they don't taste their products in animals, so in the end of the day we all come to gain something!

And now you ask 'How can I win'?
♥ The giveaway is open to all the blog followers (sorry if you are not one of them). In this way you get one automatic entry for being a followers, you just need to comment.
♥ Post about the giveaway on either Twitter or Facebook (or both) and get one additional entry(2 entries if you post in both places).
♥ If you make a post/mention in your blog about this giveaway you get TWO entries!

Giveaway is open to international followers!

Being a follower: 1 entry
Tweet about the giveaway: 1 entry
Promote on Facebook: 1 entry
Promote on your blog: 2 entries

Now, you just need to comment with your name,e-mail and the gift you want to receive,also link me to your tweet/facebook post/blog post to get the additional entries if you promote.

The 2nd Giveaway,Double Giveaway ends Sunday,February 13th at 5pm GMT.


Well, yesterday was a really nice day overall, I spent the afternoon with my good friend Läetitia and we went around to take some photos over this abandoned place in ruins and than up next to the beach, where they have this most adorable little houses that can surely remind you of the old days of glamour and even some cute Sweeney Todd scenes.

(sorry if some of the pics look low quality,i don't know why blogger keep doing this)

Coco Hat - Blanco
Aviator Jacket - H&M
Oversized Turtle Neck Sweater - C&A
Small Fake Leather Bag - Primark
Black Jeans - C&A
UGGs like boots - Primark

This is what my usual lazy, comfortable looks are like, i think i am not quite ashamed to show them off as i wear them often lately, it's cold, i get up early and i don't have time to dress up all preppy and cute, so i throw something i like and feel comfortable with, feels much better when you have to spend a 8 to 6 day working at college.

I would just like to let you all know some little details about the giveaway:
-I have not done it yet as college has been keeping me even more busy then what i expected;
-I am afraid i will have to delay the giveaway for the end of the month as i do have the products but i will only be able to send the gifts by the start of February has a little problem showed up and i had to get myself a new cellphone, which means i spent what i had left for this month (and actually others,but this month i am completely broke).

So,i would like your opinion.Would you like me to still do the giveaway now even knowing i will only be able to send it all in the end of January/start of February,or would your rather wait a little longer?
Some comments on this would be very much appreciated.

Thank you all!

One very fast post to let you know I will be holding a giveaway very, very soon. Most likely it will be this weekend as for tomorrow and the next one i will be under the pressure of works,exams and final projects to end this semester in college,so you may understand i will have a lot more to think about other then my lovely blog.

Keep an eye around!!!

Hello lovelies.

As you may got to read here, i will be doing a few posts over Daniela's blog about design. From tutorials, passing by advice about fonts to even giving out some banners and other blog material you can get to use.

Not yet sure when my first post will be or how often i will do them as both me and Daniela will be busy with college, but we promise to bring you some really good stuff. In this way please keep an eye over our blogs for future posts.

Hello lovelies.

I know i am reposting this one,but i really had the urge to delete the other post as i didn't feel like it was good to only have a lookbook linked image and nothing else,so i am doing a whole new post with two other images and a little more content.

Light pink skater dress - Primark
Light pink ruffled waistcoat - H&M
Opaque black tights - Primark
Coco Hat - Blanco

All this photos were made yesterday during an improvised photoshoot session made with my dear friend Läetitia,so we could have fun and use her amazing bedroom's walls, they are this incredible and delicious purple color as you can see.I made her make-up and styling and took her photos, she was this sort of hot modern pin-up and she decided that i need some 'decoration' too so she made me this very rock, dark look that i absolutely love and she kept saying to be so very 'me'.

What do you think???

Hello again,lovelies!

Well, as I was running through the images of my 365 Project I came to notice that many,many times during 2010 I used make-up to make some very funny photos, not all of them being quite naturally the day-to-day make-up I use or that any of us would use, so I thought that maybe it was time to share one thing that I love to do every now and then and that is, play with make-up!

1. 50's like look. Red lips,slight cat eyes made with eye-liner,pale complexion. I just love the decade and was a boring day, so I got around make-up.
2. The idea of good and bad, dark and light, played with white and black make-up. Maybe you can also see it as a Cruella De Vil personification.

3. Very natural, day-to-day look with a touch of sassy with the red lipstick.

4. Natural make-up in pink and pale tones.

5. Red tones Pierrot like.I seriously love this photo,no idea of why.
6. Watermelon make-up, focused on lips, very obviously.

7. First time using fake eye lashes, a natural make-up, focus on the eyes with eyeliner and the exagerated lashes.

8. Very 80's like, disco dance fever! Strong, bold colors, ice pink and vibrant blue. I thought this was rather fun to do.

9. Probably the look i most used this year. The cat-eye style, but still very clean and keeping it simple.
10. Diseased look, played with dark and light tones.For some reason this was the photo that made some of my friends tell me I should become a MUA.

11. Effie Stonem inspired. I don't really watch Skins but I find Kaya Scodelario incredibly pretty and I wanted to try to pull out this sort of make-up.

12. I think we have all seen the Black Swan movie poster and you should really see the movie. It got me hooked, not only I adore Natalie Portman but this film is brilliant. My tribute to it and so much more.

13 and 14. Halloween was here and I has just seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show.There is so much great make-up in this movie that I had to try to do Frank N. Furter and Magenta!

15. Vampire styled, missing the fangs. I love vampires, for serious,not since this whole 'fang' fashion came around but actually since I was 5 and watched Dracula.Thank you Mr.Gary Oldman. This was also a little fun fun after watching The Vampire Diaries (i'm hooked).
16. Icy pink and simple eyes with a touch of sun. I like it.

17. Christmas Eve. Redish lips, black/silvery eyes and mascara! I am extra pale, i really am.

18. New Year's Eve. Hot lips, white eyes and loads of mascara.I tried to keep it simple.

How was the year in make-up for you???

Hello, lovelies!

Quick,quick post with the outfit i wore for New Year's Eve. I did not quite go out as the weather prediction was not so great, instead i stood home with my family and my best friend ended up showing around before midnight, in this way the New Year's night was spent with him and my brother, quite a night to remember actually. No idea when was the last time i had so much fun, even at home.
Sorry for the lack of quality in this photos,bad lightning and so much noise but i was running the entire day and i did this photos in something as 2 minutes! Yes, 2 minutes!

Dress is from H&M
Tights are from Primark
Shoes are...well,Jo shoes shoeless cause she was home and wanted to be comfy.

I love the detail of the shoulder in the dress. As you can see i luckly got the dress from H&M, the one that i wanted. It was the last one and i am glad i managed to get there once the shop opened, first thing in the morning.

How was your New Year's Eve? Great parties? Great fashion?

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