A great year for make-up!

Hello again,lovelies!

Well, as I was running through the images of my 365 Project I came to notice that many,many times during 2010 I used make-up to make some very funny photos, not all of them being quite naturally the day-to-day make-up I use or that any of us would use, so I thought that maybe it was time to share one thing that I love to do every now and then and that is, play with make-up!

1. 50's like look. Red lips,slight cat eyes made with eye-liner,pale complexion. I just love the decade and was a boring day, so I got around make-up.
2. The idea of good and bad, dark and light, played with white and black make-up. Maybe you can also see it as a Cruella De Vil personification.

3. Very natural, day-to-day look with a touch of sassy with the red lipstick.

4. Natural make-up in pink and pale tones.

5. Red tones Pierrot like.I seriously love this photo,no idea of why.
6. Watermelon make-up, focused on lips, very obviously.

7. First time using fake eye lashes, a natural make-up, focus on the eyes with eyeliner and the exagerated lashes.

8. Very 80's like, disco dance fever! Strong, bold colors, ice pink and vibrant blue. I thought this was rather fun to do.

9. Probably the look i most used this year. The cat-eye style, but still very clean and keeping it simple.
10. Diseased look, played with dark and light tones.For some reason this was the photo that made some of my friends tell me I should become a MUA.

11. Effie Stonem inspired. I don't really watch Skins but I find Kaya Scodelario incredibly pretty and I wanted to try to pull out this sort of make-up.

12. I think we have all seen the Black Swan movie poster and you should really see the movie. It got me hooked, not only I adore Natalie Portman but this film is brilliant. My tribute to it and so much more.

13 and 14. Halloween was here and I has just seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show.There is so much great make-up in this movie that I had to try to do Frank N. Furter and Magenta!

15. Vampire styled, missing the fangs. I love vampires, for serious,not since this whole 'fang' fashion came around but actually since I was 5 and watched Dracula.Thank you Mr.Gary Oldman. This was also a little fun fun after watching The Vampire Diaries (i'm hooked).
16. Icy pink and simple eyes with a touch of sun. I like it.

17. Christmas Eve. Redish lips, black/silvery eyes and mascara! I am extra pale, i really am.

18. New Year's Eve. Hot lips, white eyes and loads of mascara.I tried to keep it simple.

How was the year in make-up for you???

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