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New Year's OOTD

Hello, lovelies!

Quick,quick post with the outfit i wore for New Year's Eve. I did not quite go out as the weather prediction was not so great, instead i stood home with my family and my best friend ended up showing around before midnight, in this way the New Year's night was spent with him and my brother, quite a night to remember actually. No idea when was the last time i had so much fun, even at home.
Sorry for the lack of quality in this photos,bad lightning and so much noise but i was running the entire day and i did this photos in something as 2 minutes! Yes, 2 minutes!

Dress is from H&M
Tights are from Primark
Shoes are...well,Jo shoes shoeless cause she was home and wanted to be comfy.

I love the detail of the shoulder in the dress. As you can see i luckly got the dress from H&M, the one that i wanted. It was the last one and i am glad i managed to get there once the shop opened, first thing in the morning.

How was your New Year's Eve? Great parties? Great fashion?


  1. NYE was great as always! My sister and I wore a really decadent hat and mask respectively, but outfit-wise... heck, I wore exactly the same as last year! :P

    Truth is, I'd bought a dress ages ago and was purposely saving for NYE... it's way too bodycon for daily life, but works for evenings. BUT. I forgot to bring it to my parents' house and didn't feel like going back to Porto just to get it from my closet.

    Alas, I wore my LBD. Because it never truly fails, does it? LOL


  2. I got drunk,really drunk,at my own place with my brother and best friend,seriously.Lol.Lu saw us on Stickam...xDDD
    It was decadent,with no need for masks or hats.Lol.

    Can you believe i don't have a LBD!! God,i'm lame!!

  3. I have two LBDs, actually! :D

    I bought them both for a stupid beauty pageant, and thank God I did because this girl had one excatly like mine, so I had an alternative. That saved me from a rather awkward situation. :P

    And what? You're not lame at all! I only have them for the above reason, otherwise... I probably wouldn't. I'd rather wear white dresses than black dresses. LOL


  4. I need one,it's like..mandatory.Lol.Well i have a black and white one,more like a sundres then a LBD.It might work if needed.

    Beauty pageant,ah?? What's the story,Rafa??? xDDD


  5. Ah, stupid local thing, you know... they'd set up a catwalk and throw auditions and then like 16 kids would walk down it in various outfits - beachwear, PJs, evening - and then the judges would pick the best.

    Nothing relevant, really.
    I didn't win anything! :P


  6. Feliz 2011, gosto do vestido, boa escolha! Eu usei um vestido de veludo preto com boina vermelha e o colar que ganhei na tua giveaway :)

  7. The dress looks lovely on you. Or better yet, you look lovely on that dress. :) (and on any other outfit as well)
    I ended up not buying that one and went for another one that I thought wouldn't work for me, but actually looked good when I put it on.
    I spent midnight with my family, and then went out with a friend. Had a great time (even though a stupid girl decided she didn't like me and went on being a bitch a few times -_-).

    Glad you had a great time, it's always good o be with friends and family.

  8. oh, pretty you! I wish you an amazing new year and I'm looking forward to your posts in 2011.

    - see you around, Min.


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