Jo N. Furter

Hello lovelies.

I know i am reposting this one,but i really had the urge to delete the other post as i didn't feel like it was good to only have a lookbook linked image and nothing else,so i am doing a whole new post with two other images and a little more content.

Light pink skater dress - Primark
Light pink ruffled waistcoat - H&M
Opaque black tights - Primark
Coco Hat - Blanco

All this photos were made yesterday during an improvised photoshoot session made with my dear friend Läetitia,so we could have fun and use her amazing bedroom's walls, they are this incredible and delicious purple color as you can see.I made her make-up and styling and took her photos, she was this sort of hot modern pin-up and she decided that i need some 'decoration' too so she made me this very rock, dark look that i absolutely love and she kept saying to be so very 'me'.

What do you think???

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Sou uma fotógrafa de profissão, louca por viagens e sempre com demasiadas opiniões para dar. 
Este é o meu blog no qual escrevo desde 2009 e ele já mudou tanto quanto eu mudei ao longo destes últimos, quase, 10 anos.