I am finally here to announce the two winners of the Double Giveaway!
The winners were choosen using random.org.

...and the winners are....

Daniela from Bacafuzadas Insalsáveis, who is winning the Primark Patterned Tights
Cat from Who Wants to be Chic, who is winning the Essence Pure Skin 2in1 Anti-Spot Coverstick Pen.

Congratulations, girls! I will be sending out the packages in the start of the next week, so keep an eye out in your mail boxes!
Now i will contact you so i can get your mail adresses and make everything right and ready to send your presents out!

Thanks to everyone who entered this giveaway, i can make you sure that The Paper and Ink will be having some more giveaways very, very soon, keep an eye out!!

Hello, lovelies!

First of all i want to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day, either you have a Valentine or not this day can still be celebrated because honestly, there should not even be a day to comemorate love, love is to be comemorated every day but it's okay, let's make this day a good one full of hearts and red and pretty things. I do not have a Valentine, don't feel sorry for me because i don't feel sorry for myself, however i still comemorate it to the most as it's my mother's birthday so that always mean a nice family dinner and cake, and this year a home-made apple pie (by me) and a box of cupcakes!!! Quite nice,ah?
So, to all of you out there have a good time with the ones you love or give a treat to yourself like i did with me, giving myself some cupcakes. We can love ourselves too,right?

Now, second.
Next Sunday, in Braga, there will be a Bloggers Meeting and i know i come a little late to tell you all as presences are to be marked until tomorrow but it's always a great idea. I'm the One - It Bloggers, go check the Facebook page created just for it. As for me, unfortunatelly i will not be there, no it's not too far from where i live but i felt sick yesterday, today i already missed the first day of second semester and something tells me we will have a lot to do in this upcoming weekend, so i hope there will be a next time because i would love to meet all of you!!

Have a great day,you all!!!

Lovelies, don't forget the giveaway is open until tomorrow,Sunday,February 13th at 5pm GMT. You can still enter, and it's open to all of my dear followers, international ones includes!
Hello, lovelies!

Para as meninas portuguesas interessadas neste tipo de rubricas então posso dizer que já está disponível o meu primeiro post sobre o tema no blog da Daniela, Bacafuzadas Insalsáveis. Podem ver o post aqui, se estiverem interessadas.

This is mainly a post for my portuguese followers, as i am doing posts about design over Bacafuzadas Insalsáveis, run by the dear Daniela. The posts are interely made in portuguese, however if you find like this could be useful for any of you, i am willing to make this posts in English, right here on my blog, available for all of you to see.
Let me know,ok?

Hello, lovelies!

So, this will not be a long post even if i have a few things to say, well, only three, but those are a few, right?

First. The giveaway is still open, don't forget that. You have until this upcoming Sunday to enter it and if you haven't noticed the giveaway is open to international readers too, so everyone can enter!

Second thing is: The Paper and Ink reached 100 followers (102 to be more exact). I am so thrilled,you have no single idea. I was smiling like an absolute idiot when i saw that. I never imagined that my little space would ever be watched by so many lovelies. Thank you,thank you,thank you all for making this place the marvellous thing it is, you know that i write here and post because i love but i also do it because you give me the strenght for it and keep commenting and being imensly kind to me!

Now the third. H&M Spring/Summer collection and the pieces i am mostly looking forward to try and almost certainly bring home. I know i won't get them all, some won't look good on me but i know some will be part of my closet in the months to come.
Image pulled together on Polyvore. All items are from the normal sized collection expect for the belt that is from the plus size H&M collection. I only know one store around that has a few items from the plus size, which is nice in some pieces but still i think more stores of the brand should have them, after all they are quite a small section of what H&M has to display and i think that a corner of the store would be not much to ask for when it comes to H&M BIB.

This was all.Now speak your mind, my dears!!!


One quick post with the outfit i used today to go out and have coffee with a friend of me. As i showed earlier today i used the outfit i put up together,however there are no full body shots as i was hurrying to take this,i was alone and i have no tripod.So,yeah...

Dress/Tunic - Dress-a-Day
Jeans - C&A
Scarf - Unknown
Necklace and Ring - Parfois
Hello, lovelies!

Well, one quick post to show off two giveaways i won in this past January.
The first, the really cute hot pink scarf was a giveaway held by the amazing Raquel of Black Sheep.
The second, was the floral Mariana Dress from Dress-a-Day that i won through Carolina's blog Last Minute Dreams.
The scarf arrived a few weeks back (thank you Raquel for being so fast and for the adorable postcard from Coimbra!) and the second arrived this morning and it was my mother getting it for me over my laptop so when i saw a package waiting for me over there i could not help but smile and soon be in love with the pink package that came inside the bigger one and was holding the pretty dress that came with it.

And in this way i decided to make a pretty outfit with polyvore showing you how i play to wear it. I will unfortunately have to wear the dress with jeans as it's more of a tunic on me and falls sort of short, but still i love it, the floral print is so much prettier in real life and i really like it.
I think the scarf will look amazing with it as both have hot pink and they go so well together.
The flats i have like those are actually dark green with the black points and are from H&M, and i obviously don't have the Mulberry but a very similiar version from Blanco, neither i have the Chanel polish but i have various hot pink ones. You know, it's just a general idea on how i will want to wear all of this. Comfortable, simple and with a hint of spring, ready to suck up in the warm sun drinking a coffee with friends.

What do you think?

...With Polyvore Help!!!

Hello, lovelies!
Well, i have been thinking that as January was sales month and i did bought quite a few things, not much,but a few, i should probably show you some of the things i got. Most of them were bought on H&M (addicted,much? Yes!!) and two other pieces over Blanco. I also got a new cellphone (long story) and a great Sephora product that i will talk about in the end of the post.
So,let's see what makes part of Jo's closet now!

Light dress with ruffled shoulders from H&M
You may remember this one as the dress i wore in New Year's Eve(OOTD) and i really can't wait for summer to come so i can wear it without having to hide it under monstrous sized coats to keep me from the cold. I love the color, love how feminine it looks and how it seems so perfectly ancient greek (which may come in hand for a future college themed dinner/party).

Ruffled Blush Tunic from H&M
Aviator Jacket/Fake Leather from H&M
The jacket was bought last November and the tunic/dress was one thing i had seen a while back but as it hanged around the store i had serious doubts it would look good on me, i kept thinking i would look like i was inside a circus tent but a friend of mine made me try it and i felt in love with it and brought it home, knowing the price was so amazingly good. From 30€ down to 5€, great, right?

Ruffled Blush Waistcoat from H&M
I must say the color in this photo is so not faithful to the real one, it's much more pink powder toned and way lighter, perhaps more on the color of the shirt.
You may found this outfit a little simple, or a little plain but thuth is that this is what i call my comfort clothing and the ruffles of the waistcoast seriously give the outfit a good twist making it more fashionable, but that's for me, sometimes i just wake up and pick up something fast and easy to pull on (actually,most of the times).
I used it on OOTD - Jo N. Further, you can have a better idea of the color in that entry.

Red and White Stripes with Ruffled Shoulders Cardigan from H&M
I do believe this was one of the most adorable cardigans i have seen in a good while. Truth is that if it wasn't for the shoulders it would be a plain cardigan, but seeing it on sales i couldn't help myself but to bring it home. It's comfortable, warm and perfect for those colder spring days and it goes well with so many things, skirts, jeans, shorts, everything.

Black Dress with Sequins and Tulle from Blanco
Uhm, so this past weekend Blanco had a load of products on prices from 1€ up to 4€ (maximum) and my mother told me that and i felt so frustrated that i had not gone out with her, so in that same day at night (Saturday) and after attending the mass (celebrating 1 year since my grandmother's funeral) i asked my parents to stop by the mall for a very quick trip, where i was actually trying to find a pair of boots, knowing they coasted only 4€, but seeing none i liked i ended up with this dress in my hand. I must admit,i am not the biggest fan of shimmery things, sequins and such but i found this dress too good to be left behind, or maybe it was the price, but trying it on i could already imagined myself going out, clubbing and having fun with this little piece! The underneath tulle makes it open up a bit and it looks gorgeous and so very simple still.

Layered Three Tones Pink Dress from H&M
Blush Pink Flats with Tulle Decoration from Blanco
So, the flats were a gift from mum, in that amazing sales weekend and coasted only 2€. They are so very comfortable, so pretty and mother thought it would go great with most of the things i got this month.
The dress is from H&M, marked from 35€ down to 7€ and i had to try it because i love dresses, i love the colors, i love ruffles effect and layers,and my mum approved of it and i had to make it mine and so i did, i brought it home and it's now waiting to be used for the very first time, hopefully some time soon!!

So, this was it,the best things i could buy with the short money i had and that still with serve me so well for summer and spring. Yes,this time i thought to think ahead and buy pieces will like to wear in warmer times. I am very focused on pink,blush and nude tones because i do believe they fit me, they are so very feminine and i think they will still very much wearable in this next season.
All the other items i got to illustrate the looks are things that i would totally wear, you can easily replace them with items that are not from high coast brands and that are very efortless to found around in stores such as H&M,Blanco,Zara,Primark and others.

Oh, now the Sephora product.
Sephora Brand FACE Concealing Blemish Pen - Combination To Oily Skin
I have used this one a few years back and only some weeks ago i happened to enter a Sephora store and see this one, and for 4€ only (i think the normal price is 8€ or so). I recommend this product like imensely, it's one of the greatest things you can buy to cover and dry the zits and other skin problems you can have. It's very easy to work with, easy to blend and it's for me the greatest concealer i ever had so far.
This has been for this past days, alongside Vaseline for my lips, my best face friend and i couldn't be any happier. One single thing i must say is that i bought the lightest tone they had but still i wish they had a shade down from it,my skin face is extra pale and although it blends well i believe that a lighter tone would go even better.

This is about it,my dears. What do you think?

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