Hello, lovelies!!!

Spring is finally here! Well,at least for everyone in the north hemisphere (happy autumn to you on the south side).
Hope your first Spring day was as good as mine. A very dear friend of mine gifted me this delicious red lipstick, and the sun was shining, the weather was so warm and we could sit next to the lake at college, soaking in the warm sun. Such a great day!

Made some amazing buys in the past weeks that i think i'll share soon.

Hava a rest of a great day!

All photos by me, including the first image (with my tumblr watermark to those who notice it).


Another day,another post. It really seems that when i have free time i just love to come around and post somethings for you all. I'm on carnival vacations, just 2 days plus this past weekend and on Wednesday i will be back at college, working hard and feeling under the stress again, however Spring is just around the corner the days have been looking better and so does the weather so let's hope for some sun filled days where i can sti by the college's lake during lunch break with sunglasses and feel happy.

I bring you a simple OOTD (from yesterday actually). I have been wanting a blazer for a good while but i have yet to find one that fits me decently and that i love, however as i went through my mother's closet the other day i came upon this black velvet tailored blazer i had never seen before, happens to be vintage and it belonged to my grandmother, needless to say that i grabbed it right away and thought to give it a shot and this is what i came up with.

At first i thought i would look sort of weird going out to the streets with a dress that would probably fit better to a party (before seen on the New Year's OOTD) but lately i feel like i want to be daring and use the pieces in my closet that i don't put much out so, i walked out and felt amazing. I think i'll be doing this type of things more often, to be completely honest.

Velvet Blazer - Vintage
Dress - H&M
Tights - Primark
Flats - Blanco

The flats are pratically new,one month or so and wore them like twice before. Mother got them for me thinkin they would go great with my big amount of recently acquired pink toned dresses, the front pompons made of tulle actually go great with the shoulders of the dress i am using, but you can't see that in the photo.

One simple detailed photo. I didn't accessorize as you can see as i pulled this just to try and take my dog to the road for like 10 minutes but ended up using it to pay a quick visit to the mall.

I'm feeling goofy, quite goofy today and tomorrow is carnival day, so here is a silly photo of me to you!


New day,new post! I came up with this idea while washing my hair yesterday (lol). I remember i did a quick beauty tip about a product i bought a while back but this time i bring a lot more tips that i learnt alone through the years and came to find later that they were used by many other people but still not all knew about them,so every once in a while when i remember some of the things that i do, i will come around and make a post about it.

So, here are some quick beauty tips for you:

♥ When doing your nails allow them to dry for a while and after that place your hands/nails under fresh running water, this will help fix the nailpolish better. Really allow the polish to dry very well first,you don't want have ruined nails after spending long making them,right?

♥ If you have your hair with loads of tangles and can't really brush them off or don't want to spend over an hour doing so (trust me,it happened to many times to be more and it's not for not taking care of my hair) jump into the bath, don't use the shampoo first, use a huge dose of conditioner, the one you usually use after shampoo. Grab a hair comb with large spaced teeth and gently go running it through your hair with the conditioner still on until all tangles are removed, this will spare you a lot of time and pain. After just wash your hair very well to get rid of any left product. I know it's not advised to comb wet hair but this is not something you want to do on a daily basis, only when you need it.

♥ If you want to do some nail art, like french manicure or others but don't have guides for it use some scotch tape or similiar, make sure it doesn't have much glue so it won't rip your base polish off. It's a cheap, easy, fast solution.

♥ Have pale skin and run out of loose/compact powder? Use some talcum powder, don't use too much or you'll look extra pale, unless you want to have this effect.

♥ Also with talcum powder you create amazing lashes with lots of volume and looking like falsies.

And this is about it, at least for now. One i can't remember more tips, second i don't want to run out of them.
What tips do you have? Can you share them with us??? Please??

Now one quick product review and reccomendation!!

As i recently ran out of my favorite waterproof mascara and the one i wanted was sold out and has been sold out for quite a while i decided to pick up some from Essence instead.
You probably already know how much i love this brand, it has so much great things to it and i was not really expecting much from this two products i got, the 100% Splash Proof Ultra-Volume Mascara and Eyeliner Pen, however once i got home and tried them i found myself amazed. I don't have short lashes but they are much thinner then they what where before and this mascara gave me in one single layer a lot of volume and lenght, it's amazing. As for the eyeliner, the pen is amazing, draws great lines and it's has a lottt of pigment. I tried some eyeliner pens before and they were sort of greyish but this one really is black and it goes perfectly. So i give this two products 5/5 stars!!
And the price? 2,99€ for each one of them, making a total of 5,98€ for the two of them. Cheap,right? And awesome!!!

Hello again,lovelies!

Another quick short entry to let you all know that i want to take the next step for my blog and open up the search for possible partners for The Paper and Ink!

Those are some things that you should know:
For now i'm not looking for paid sponsors or partners

To become a partner you can either :
-have a shop and offer something to me or my readers for a giveaway (such as products to try,show in outfits or review)
-or if you don't have a shop we can become partners by helping each other in blogging, either by making publicity on each other's blogs, or by sending each other products that can be reviewed or offered in giveaways

You can make your own banner and then send it to me or i can do them myself (i sincerely prefer for you to make your own banner knowing i don't like to take the risk of not having the time or the taste to make somethig to your liking)

So,now if you're interested or have any more questions you can comment here but i would prefer you to contact me over
joanacatcardoso [at] gmail [dot] com


Also in other news. For those who didn't notice i made a few header and sidebar alterations to the blog. I needed something new and i'm quite pleased with the simple outcome of it, always keeping it simple.

What do you think?


Bringing you a couple of words and over a dozen of shots taken one week back on the fantastic Rafa's Pre-Birthday Party that gathered the Garter Girls for another walk out along the city that was culminated by the taste of the most amazing macarons ever and a good laughter between friends!

The worldwide known and ever so beautiful Lello bookstore.

Rafa,the birthday girl,or as she should be famously known, the woman in yellow.
Do you know how everyone has a favorite color? Well some of us are obsessed with a certain tone and yellow takes over her life. She's just a ray of sun that still is too awesomely pure to be real!

Part of the beautiful gardens at Palácio de Cristal (Crystal Palace).
This place is like,it has to be explored,ran all over and i have yet to take in the entire amazement it causes in my person!

Lu's most beautiful oxford shoes. If she didn't have such a tiny feet i would have certainly kidnapped this babies for a ride...or two!

Lu and Rafa,how fashionable are the Garter Girls?

And the part i was waiting for,the macarons! I was a little apprehensive at first knowing i had tried macarons twice before and none of them were to my exact liking, still i kept hoping that someday i would find macarons that would taste just like what i had in mind, what i thought they would taste like and then this little pieces of sin walked into my mouth and there was an explosion of senses!!! Do you know what orgasmic food is like? Well, now i do know!!!

And that was an amazing Friday overall. It's always too much fun to go out with the girls, look fashionable, have a great time, laugh and walk over our lovely town,the most beautiful of them all!

Thank you, girls, for the amazing day!

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