Olá, eu sou a Joana - a cara por detrás do The Paper and Ink. Vinte e muitos anos, natural e residente da belíssima cidade do Porto, sou uma fotógrafa e blogger que em 2009 criou este espaço em busca de uma maneira de dar a conhecer ao mundo a minha voz, as minhas ideias e paixões. O TPI é um lifestyle blog, ou seja, é um pouco de tudo o que marca a minha vida, me apaixona e que acredito ser importante partilhar.


Hello again,lovelies!

Another quick short entry to let you all know that i want to take the next step for my blog and open up the search for possible partners for The Paper and Ink!

Those are some things that you should know:
For now i'm not looking for paid sponsors or partners

To become a partner you can either :
-have a shop and offer something to me or my readers for a giveaway (such as products to try,show in outfits or review)
-or if you don't have a shop we can become partners by helping each other in blogging, either by making publicity on each other's blogs, or by sending each other products that can be reviewed or offered in giveaways

You can make your own banner and then send it to me or i can do them myself (i sincerely prefer for you to make your own banner knowing i don't like to take the risk of not having the time or the taste to make somethig to your liking)

So,now if you're interested or have any more questions you can comment here but i would prefer you to contact me over
joanacatcardoso [at] gmail [dot] com


Also in other news. For those who didn't notice i made a few header and sidebar alterations to the blog. I needed something new and i'm quite pleased with the simple outcome of it, always keeping it simple.

What do you think?

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