A Tourist at Home


Bringing you a couple of words and over a dozen of shots taken one week back on the fantastic Rafa's Pre-Birthday Party that gathered the Garter Girls for another walk out along the city that was culminated by the taste of the most amazing macarons ever and a good laughter between friends!

The worldwide known and ever so beautiful Lello bookstore.

Rafa,the birthday girl,or as she should be famously known, the woman in yellow.
Do you know how everyone has a favorite color? Well some of us are obsessed with a certain tone and yellow takes over her life. She's just a ray of sun that still is too awesomely pure to be real!

Part of the beautiful gardens at Palácio de Cristal (Crystal Palace).
This place is like,it has to be explored,ran all over and i have yet to take in the entire amazement it causes in my person!

Lu's most beautiful oxford shoes. If she didn't have such a tiny feet i would have certainly kidnapped this babies for a ride...or two!

Lu and Rafa,how fashionable are the Garter Girls?

And the part i was waiting for,the macarons! I was a little apprehensive at first knowing i had tried macarons twice before and none of them were to my exact liking, still i kept hoping that someday i would find macarons that would taste just like what i had in mind, what i thought they would taste like and then this little pieces of sin walked into my mouth and there was an explosion of senses!!! Do you know what orgasmic food is like? Well, now i do know!!!

And that was an amazing Friday overall. It's always too much fun to go out with the girls, look fashionable, have a great time, laugh and walk over our lovely town,the most beautiful of them all!

Thank you, girls, for the amazing day!

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