1,2,3 steps! Do it!

Hello, lovelies!

Just got back from a quick visit to the mall and decided to stop by Sephora and decided to finally give this Clinique 3 Step kit a go.
I paid 26,50€ for it, the products are rather small sized but you actually don't need much to clean your skin.
With all the great reviews i heard about this product this better be a really good thing. Tried this just a few minutes ago and my skin feels quite clean and smooth, so i think that may be a good thing.
I got myself the Type 3 - Combination Oily. You have it in 4 different types, so if you want to get this you better know well what your skin type is. I do know Clinique offer some professional help in some centers and you can check your skin type for free.

Give me some two weeks or less and i believe i will be able to do a proper review.

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