Bows,Ruffles and Happiness

Hello, lovelies!

Sorry for the being MIA but i'm finally here and so is the sunshine, the warm weather and the fully amazing Spring, along with April, my birthday and too many good things going on.

Today's OOTD is a little out of the normal, instead of photos you get one gif you me going round and round like crazy. Why? Well,i finally laid hands on a DSLR.Wanted one for so long and finally live smiled to me and i was able to purchase one!

I'm now the proud mummy of a Canon EOS 550D named Helena Burton (as in Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton,too huge references in my world.i know i'm a geek,ok).

I am so,so,so happy! I already got myself a tripod, my 21st birthday is only in a week from tomorrow but already got pretty much all my present.

How are you all doing,sweeties?

Tee - Lefties (Zara)
Waistcoat - H&M
Jeans - C&A
Shoes - Blanco (not in the photo)

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