This brat was born 21 years ago!

21 years ago, not around midnight but actually at 5.50pm i was crying my lungs out and announcing myself to the world.
21 years later i am not yelling because my neighboors would probably kill me but preparing myself to get to bed,get up at 7 am and have a super full day.
College from 8.30am to 11.30am, work reunion over college from 11.30am to 1pm. LUNCH with my college mates!!! Draw class from 2pm to 5pm. Get the hell out fo college, hit downtown, get my loves and get a fantastic brunch/snack/afternoon delight, come home, go see my grandmother, see what i have around, home party and well...guess it will be about it. Not that you're interested,but...thought you should know.
Photos to come,a lot of photos to come!!! Jo in heels, in such a full day, i guess the next post will come from the under world or something.

Joana, 28 anos e natural da cidade do Porto. 
Sou uma fotógrafa de profissão, louca por viagens e sempre com demasiadas opiniões para dar. 
Este é o meu blog no qual escrevo desde 2009 e ele já mudou tanto quanto eu mudei ao longo destes últimos, quase, 10 anos.