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12/365 – Bare Reveries

12/365 – Bare Reveries by Joana C.
12/365 – Bare Reveries, a photo by Joana C. on Flickr.

If you are my friend and follow me on Facebook you probably know that i was in the greatest doubt ever about what shoot to post up. If you don’t know them let me sum it up for you. I started with an idea, loads of make-up, bandaged head and did quite a lot of photos. Only then I decided to wash my face and as I got back to the place where I shoot this and looked at the veiling I thought that I could play around a little bit and it ends up that I loved more the final simple shoots then the ones that I initially worked and took me so long to do. However life is made of things like this, sometimes more is less and the simplest things are the ones that own our hearts. I also recurred to a help of my dear Lulu and she helped me out with choosing the image, not directly, but talking through things with her I came to the realization that this was the image I wanted.

She also asked me what was the concept behind the two images and I told her that there was none. Of course I could skip this part and try to come up with a brilliant story about how I thought of this shoot for long but I see no need to tell that lie because sometimes things are just like this. It’s like something comes up to your head, an image of what you want and not a real concept and you use that even though you can’t explain it. To me it’s something that happens quite often and while I sometimes can see the story behind the photos I made; this time around it’s just an image that came out of the blue, because I wanted to try out the cloth in question.

I was to call this one of Morbid Reveries just because years ago I did a quite similar shoot but very much darker and I was very much younger and my artistic side was much less developed and I untitled it back at the time of Morbid Reveries. However I decided it was not a good idea at this point to mix the past with the present and although I kept the Reveries in it I skipped the morbid because this image is light, there is nothing dark or morbid about it and the title would actually make no sense, no Bare Reveries it is. Bare for the fact that I stand nearly naked, as in bare skin; and reveries for they mean a state of dreamy meditation/daydream/fanficul musing,so I guess that it shows up well how this photo came up, it was just me playing around and pretending,having fun.

Hope you like it!


  1. adorei as fotos, continua xD e as melhoras, vais ver que isso passa rapidinho


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