9/365 Soft Reality

9/365 Soft Reality by Joana C.
9/365 Soft Reality, a photo by Joana C. on Flickr.

This is one of those raw shoots that besides from some color fix nothing else was added or taken out.The image shows what the reality holds and nothing less or nothing more.
It’s not often but at times I feel like I need to shake myself back into reality and I wish I could bring some people down with me.I wish I could make some of them see that the way they think,speak and act are nothing other than the product of how society told them to be,how they were taught,how they were brought to what they are today, and that somehow,they are very much wrong.

I am not the one claiming to be right but I just claim for the right to be who I want,how I want.The way I dress,my weight,my age,my choices in life define solemnly the person I have been,the person I am and the person I will be,so sticking up your nose in someone’s life when it’s not in the intention of doing real good or being a critic in a constructive way,is not right.

You can tell someone they are fat but if they feel right with themselves what’s the point of changing?Yes,they can do it,but if they want to do it that’s up to them and mostly that’s something that they have to do because they want to,not because you told them to.
You’re obviously not going to tell someone to grow up when they are naturally short,or to get hair when they are naturally bald,so why interfere with someone who feels right just the way they are? It’s something natural and maybe you’re the one lacking that confidence to be yourself.

I am certainly not trying to moralize anyone into my ideas but I am just saying that I feel good with the way I am,chunky tights,narrow waist but that is still large,big hips,I feel good,I am okay and if I ever get to lose weight (which I want just for health reasons) I will do it for myself,not because X,Y or Z told me to do so. If you don’t love me you can go somewhere else,but if you do you see me as a whole not just the number that the scale shows.

Joana, 28 anos e natural da cidade do Porto. 
Sou uma fotógrafa de profissão, louca por viagens e sempre com demasiadas opiniões para dar. 
Este é o meu blog no qual escrevo desde 2009 e ele já mudou tanto quanto eu mudei ao longo destes últimos, quase, 10 anos.