Olá, eu sou a Joana - a cara por detrás do The Paper and Ink. Vinte e muitos anos, natural e residente da belíssima cidade do Porto, sou uma fotógrafa e blogger que em 2009 criou este espaço em busca de uma maneira de dar a conhecer ao mundo a minha voz, as minhas ideias e paixões. O TPI é um lifestyle blog, ou seja, é um pouco de tudo o que marca a minha vida, me apaixona e que acredito ser importante partilhar.

Friday Phone Photo Dump - Part II

Baking |  Trying to make you all guess what would come out...hint: it had chocolate

Yes,i baked my famous cookies! | My childhood,teenagehood and adulthood,basicaly Potter is my life

Dinner | Lunch with my beloved brother,just the two of us

Some shopping and finally got those Fred Farrugia palettes | Trying out my new lipsticks

7.20am and ready to leave to college | Little past 8am and i was already there,always with music

One of the MANY statues over college.If you are a Whovian as i am you'll think of Weeping Angels | Rainy morning

My comfy and loved loafers | An afternoon spent in the hospital

Trying my hand on beehive hairstyle | Travelling back home

The lining of my favorite trench | An incredibly silly self

Ready to get baby to the vet | Scared little baby begging dad to get away from the vet,even if she is so sweet to him

A ride back home | A selfie with no make-up and in comfortable home clothes

Second part of the FPPD,just as promised!

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  1. Want to taste those cookies *-*
    Weeping angels ;_;
    You're so beautiful <3


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