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Venho mostrar-vos a minha colecção de pincéis, pelo menos a maior parte que ainda está a uso,que existem mais que estão guardados e que raramente lhes pego. Estão de facto a precisar de um bom banho mas como vem a caminho alguns novos para estes serem trocados (pelo menos os que gosto menos), por enquanto e durante mais uns dias eles vão continuar assim.

Como podem ver não tenho pincéis de marcas espanpantes, isto porque até à coisa de ano e meio ou por ai nunca lhes liguei muito e usava apenas as coisas mais básicas, só que ao aprender a trabalhar com maquilhagem também se ganha o gosto por pincéis e estes lá vieram morar comigo. Podem nem ser marcas por aí além, mas na sua maioria são pincéis que nunca me desapontaram.

Existem dois pincéis que faltam aqui e que uso imenso mas sobre falarei noutra altura.

O post será em inglês para encortar o seu tamanho. Obrigada pela compreensão.


I come to show you my brushes' colection, at least the biggest part that i use, as there certainly are others which are kept stored and that i rarely touch. In fact, these brushes are in need of a good bath, however knowing that i have some news one coming up to soon to replace these ones (at least the ones i like less), these brushes will remain in this 'dirty' state for a few more days.

As you can see none of my brushes are from expensive brands, this is mostly due to the fact that not until one year and half ago ,or something like that, i wasn't much into using brushes as i would only use the very basic tools to apply make-up, but as the love for make-up starts growing also the love for brushes starts coming along with it and so these ones came home with me. They may not be the most known and expensive brands, but i can tell you that most of these brushes never let me down.

There are two brushes whitch did not make their way into this photo and that i use a lot but i will talk about them in some other time.

Bare Minerals Mini Powder Brush - This one came with a set i purchased from Bare Minerals last year. It is quite small and i mostly use it to be carried in my purse. It is soft and so far it did not lose any bristles while being washed. It works well for a rush, but its rather small size makes it harder to rush up things or cover even half of your face just at once, but for a on-the-go brush it is a good option. 

Peggy Sage Stippling Brush - I hate this brush with a passion. I bought it in the first time i went to Peggy Sage, while it was still open in Porto and actually acquired this one along with the others you can see in the image. I have wanted a stippling brush for long but ended up with the same opinion as everyone else who bought this one, when i clearly saw how many bristles came off just by using it on my face, right at the first time. It is a bristle after bristle release and when you wash it, dear Christ, it's the most shocking show ever. I don't know how this brush is not yet bald but i guess it is because i rarely use it.

Peggy Sage Cheeks Angled Brush - This brush is soft, hold on so much pigment with its bristles and works wonderfully. It's steady but not too stiff, and i think that it lost one or two bristles, if that much, on its first wash. I have been using it faithfully for about a year now. Unless the brush i bought recently shows to be a better one, then i surely will not replace this one, however if i do then this one is so going in my make-up-to-go bag.

Peggy Sage Eye Crease Brush - Love this one. A bit stiff although it looks and feels soft on the hand. It's quite precise to make a good precise line on the crease area with a strong color, however it also blends amazingly well, so it sure was one of the best things i could purchase, knowing that before having this brush i would not really allow myself to make any crease blending or interesting smokey eyes.

Peggy Sage Contouring/Powder Flat Brush - Smaller then the rest for sure, however this one was designed to be a brush to carry inside your make-up bag. However i have it among all my others and although i don't use it as often, because by being smaller the brush always manages to get 'lost' among the other. I really like this brush as you can use it for loose powder, blush, contouring, or anything else you can imagine. Its steady, it's good, the bristles are quite tight and as they lose up a bit when in contact with liquids/creams (as i used it a couple times for liquid foundation) i would only recommend it for powder usage.

Claire's Powder Blush/Blending - Yes, from Claire's, quite a few actually. I got a small set of brushes a while back for about 10€ or so. I did not expect much of them, but most turned out of be very good. The handle was pink with black polka dots that have already started to fade but still the most important part, the bristles really do their work.In this case i use this one mainly when i want to apply a light layer of compact powder without overdoing it a lot. It used to be my blush brush but with the Peggy Sage one this babe ended up being the one i use for compact powder and it's amazing. Not a single bristle ever came out, and it's quite soft, and oh so good to play with it over your skin.

Claire's Eyeshadow Sponge Brush - This is the kind of sponge brush that everyone from the 90's and early 00's were used to see in every single eye shadow palette they would acquire. I never really liked them, their precision leaves much to be desired and honestly this one is mainly used when i want a really big and compact layer of eye shadow, like when it comes to heavy (halloween and such) make-ups, so it's one of the less used ones.

Claire's Angled Blush - Great brush! The angle is just amazing and the brush is quite dense, not too stiff and it's amazing to do some kind of cat-eye with eyeshadow (although i think it could also be used with gel liner). For the lower lashes and a small precise line of shadow this one is also fantastic, so yes, this Claire's set was quite a huge (cheap) investment. 

The Color Workshop Lip Pencil - One of the brushes that comes along with those TCW sets of make-up that i received through years and years,always on Christmas time. I did not keep half of those brushes but this one along with a couple more stood around. It does do the job for lip filling with either lip stick or gloss, doesn't lose bristles while being washed, it's soft on the skin and overall it's not a bad brush at all.

The Color Workshop Angled Eyeshadow Brush - I don't use this one much anymore. It used to be my crease blending brush as it's quite fluffy and the bristles seem to be a little more "spread" then what anyone could wish for in an angled brush. It certainly does not make its way into my daily using ones.

Urban Decay Flat Eyeshadow Brush - My oh my. This real size brush came with my Naked palette and when i found out that its retail price of it stands at over 20€/brush i realized that paying 42€ for my palette was quite the great investment. It's soft, it's vegan (score) and it's my every day brush for shadow, it really is. Even if you can't really notice most times, i use ,on a daily basis, a small amount of light shadow to cover up my lid and make  the tone more even. This babe is just amazing. No bristles EVER came off and i swear, it made me want for Urban Decay to have a whole set of brushes like this one. The round firm tip can also be used for precise shading, so this is a truly 2-in-1 brush, and it was free.

Unknown Lip Brush - I love this one. Used to belong to my mother but as she did not use it, i stole for my collection. No idea where she got this one but the brush itself is very good to use on the lips and the fact that i can close it is just amazing, as for once it keeps the brush away from bacteria (or most of them) and secondly as lip products are usually more messy i don't just go around staining everything.

Benefit (2x) Concealer/Foundation Tiny Brushes - these two, double ended brushes came with the Confession of a Concealaholic Set, and although they are rather small, so small they both fit so easily in the palm of my hand, they are great for precise application of concealer, mostly when you can't reach those most difficult angles on your face, like the sides of the nose, or the thin line under your eyes, anything you want to precise this brushes will do. They are also great to go on your bag and serve your needs on the go.

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