My list of 'underrated' Portuguese Blogs to LOVE

Ana is the face behind Playground Love and one of the portuguese blogs i have been following almost since i came around to find that Portugal had quite the huge blogosphere. Ana is a sweetheart from Aveiro usually shares not only her amazing and adorably girly outfits but also her loves,finds and a whole new way to see the world as she does. Down to earth, truthful, simple and amazing, that is how i know Ana and the main reasons of why you should follow this gorgeous girl!

Rita from Valium and Cherry Wine is a 21 years old portuguese blogger and (mostly fashion photographer) who i have known for a long while and who has this most delicious blog. Her outfits always remind me of comfort and the old decadent luxurious decades, just like the girl herself who looks like a perfect doll pulled out from a vintage antiquary. 
She also owns Something Imaginary,a place where she sells the most adorable hand-crafted pieces made by the girl herself.


Filipa Moreno is a doctor and blogger from The Perfume Recipe, now that's what i call one explosive combo of intelligence and an amazing sense of fashion! 25 years old and a girl from the north with a blog that makes you want to run page after page seeing all outfits, posts, photos, all you can imagine. She is a timeless beauty and has this effortless but stunning style that i so envy!

I have only recently came across Ana's blog, Infinito Mais Um, but i was instantly in love, mostly for her style at first but then for her adorable and always updated posts, either on her loves, finds, days, oufits and so much more. I know i still have a lot to know from this girl but she sure is one to love.

Sophie from Tomorrow at Dawn, has been one of my loves for months and i have wanted to present her around for so long because she has this perfect blog, with perfect posts, outfits and this amazing layout that i just fell in love with so long ago. She is so parisian chich, a timeless easy chic style that is just so her. It is incredible how this girl does not have about 1000 followers or more by now because honestly her blog deserves every single one them.

Joana, 28 anos e natural da cidade do Porto. 
Sou uma fotógrafa de profissão, louca por viagens e sempre com demasiadas opiniões para dar. 
Este é o meu blog no qual escrevo desde 2009 e ele já mudou tanto quanto eu mudei ao longo destes últimos, quase, 10 anos.