Christmas Wishlists


I have been a really good girl this year, so here goes my most expensive wishlist, because you know how much i love my gadgets!

I know that a car is not a gadget but it's technology so i put it up with the rest of the list, and i could really use a little one like this as i am on my way to finally have my driving license. I just love,love,love, VW Golfs!

I need a new camera. Mine is still working but the guarantee ends this month and i could use an upgrade so i could also upgrade my work,please!

Lenses are always welcome, for obvious reasons, you know that, Santa!

A phone too, possibly an iPhone 4S, please? I don't want the 5, i just don't like it!! Or maybe a Samsung, at least the SII,ok? Thank you! Oh,and it must be white,preferably! 

I love books and as i do not have all the money in the world to buy physical copies the Kobo is amazing for PDFs! Maybe you should be one for yourself too!

Oh,and a new flash,please? Mine is from 1994, for real, it used to belong to my dad, but came to my photography collection and although it works just fine i could use something else and new.

Thank you, Santa!
Much love,



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